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The chiefest part of his armed men he appointed to remaine on foot, amongst whom he placed himselfe, with certeine noble men, as earle Baldwin, and others. In the rere ward the earle of Glocester with his companie had the rule. And besides those thrée battels, the Welshmen were set as a wing at one of the sides. Ran.

They prayed me that I would leaue them my house, that I would forbid my souldiers to beate downe the Fort and their lodgings, and that I would leaue them a boate to ayde them withall in their warre against their enemies. Which I made as though I would grant vnto them, to the ende I might alwaies remaine their friend vntil my last departure.

The king vnderstanding the purpose of the cardinall, shewed him what courtesie might be deuised, offering to beare his charges, so long as it pleased him to remaine in England, and promising him to consider aduisedlie of the matter. Fl. out of Thom. Wals. An extract of the kings letter to pope Gregorie. An extract of the said kings letter to the cardinals.

Here bee many marchants of all nations. And the Fleete which commeth euery yeere from Portugal, which be foure, fiue, or sixe great shippes, commeth first hither. And they come for the most part in September, and remaine there fortie or fiftie dayes; and then goe to Cochin, where they lade their Pepper for Portugall.

In these prisons of condemned persons remaine some 15, other 20. yeres imprisoned, not executed, for the loue of their honorable friends that seeke to prolong their liues. Many of these prisoners be shoomakers, and haue from the king a certaine allowance of rise: some of them worke for the keeper, who suffreth them to go at libertie without fetters and boords, the better to worke.

He called togither all his officers and seruants, feining himselfe to choose out such as would doo sacrifice to diuels, and that those onelie should remaine with him and kéepe their office, and the rest that refused so to doo, should be thrust out, and banished the court.

Thats not it, but cause I would not tempt my destinie: thy sight Would inflame marble, much more me whose heart Is prompt enough to fly into thy breast And leave mine empty. But 'tmust not remaine In that lone habitation, least a curse, A fearefull one, sease on mee. Thu.

Meantime you must remaine Saffe prissoners untill the Judges sitt, Who best may give a sentence on your fact. Tho. And what for me? Sir Gef. I, what for him, Mr Justice? Sir Hu. Sure your words Rather proceed from some distraction Then from similitude of truth. You may Begon, we do quitt you. Tho. Suc. Death, Sir! Dare you presume to draw before us men Of stout performance? Sir Gef.

The king goeth incached, as they do all; he doth not remaine in a place aboue fiue or sixe dayes: he hath many houses, but they be but litle: his guard is but small: he remooueth from one house to another according to their order. All the pepper of Calicut and course cinamom groweth here in this countrey. The best cinamom doth come from Ceylon, and is pilled from fine yoong trees.

But let us turne to the Italians, who for havynge not had wise Princes, have not taken anie good order: and for havyng not had the same necessitie, whiche the Spaniardes have hadde, they have not taken it of theim selves, so that they remaine the shame of the worlde: and the people be not to blame, but onely their princes, who have ben chastised, and for their ignorance have ben justely punisshed, leesinge moste shamefully their states, without shewing anie vertuous ensample.

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