Thinks I that air aint very cool, I guess, and druv on. I want the editers to cum to my Show free as the flours of May, but I don't want um to ride a free hoss to deth. Thare is times when Patience seizes to be virtoous. They cum in krowds to my Show and then axt me ten sents a line for Puffs.

They say, our Stone is made of a stinking menstruous thing: What think you, is not Saturn digg'd out of a stinking Earth? for divers are killed with the ill Sents and Vapours where Saturn is digg'd, or they live not long who labour in that stinking black Mine, whence Saturn is digg'd.

"Goot rost benuts ish incite, nein sents a quoort. Shtep in unt py." The English translation followed: "Good roost peanuts is inside, nine cents a quart. Step in and by." Bessie and I were inwardly amused, but did not let it appear to the admiring children. Allie, however, had her own misgivings as to the absolute correctness of the sign, and said, doubtfully,

Thare's moore infurmashun to be gut out of a well conductid noospaper price 3 sents than thare is out of ten poplar lectures at 25 or 50 dollers a pop, as the kase may be. These same peple, bare in mind, stick up their nosis at moral wax figgers & sagashus beests. Thay say these things is low.

Rather than lose her, he would have given her a guinea as well as her cachet. He would sometimes disappoint a great personage, but he never missed his attendance on HER; and the truth must out, that he was in love with her, as Woolsey and Eglantine had been before. "By the immortel Chofe!" he would say, "dat letell ding sents me mad vid her big ice!

All were anxious enough to get out of the tree; and they would have vacated their sents at once on the disappearance of their dreaded enemy, had they been certain that he was gone for good; but they were suspicious that it might be only a temporary absence perhaps some ruse of the rogue to decoy them down: for elephants of this character have been known to practise tricks with almost as much cunning as rogues among men.