That was enough; and Talib went to gaol forthwith, the Râja issuing an order a sort of lettre de cachet for his admittance. To European ears this does not sound very terrible. Miscarriages of justice, even in civilised lands, are not unknown, and in semi-barbarous countries they are, of course, all in the day's march.

He did not like to ask for a lettre de cachet, and shut him up in the Bastile. He determined to give him a year's discipline at the monastery of St. Lazare. But how to catch the young gentleman? Old Cartouche knew that, were he to tell his son of the scheme, the latter would never obey, and, therefore, he determined to be very cunning.

Among other writings which he produced about this time were his "Moses Mendelssohn, ou la Réforme politique des Juifs," and his pamphlet "Dénonciation de l'Agiotage," aimed against the policy of Calonne. Again he was in danger of the lettre de cachet, and so he repaired to Brunswick, where he finished his work "De la Monarchie Prussienne," which was published in 1788.

The discontents of the people induced the king to dismiss him, and Turgot, for whom the people clamored, became prime minister. He was an honest man, and contemplated important reforms, even to the abolition of feudal privileges and the odious lettres de cachet, which were of course opposed by the old nobility, and were not particularly agreeable to the sovereign himself.

The figure of Angelique appeared and reappeared, intruding itself between every third or fourth personage which his memory called up, until his thoughts fixed upon her with the maddening inquiry, "Could Angelique des Meloises have been guilty of this terrible deed?" He remembered her passionate denunciation of the lady of Beaumanoir, her fierce demand for her banishment by a lettre de cachet.

The Abbé de Bouret was quickly silenced by a lettre de cachet and the Bastille by the powerful De Bouillon family but beyond that, I think no one knows.

A third letter from the duke The king receives extreme unction Letter from madame Victoire to the dauphin M. de Machault A promenade with the duc de Cosse Kind attention from the prince des Deux Ponts A fourth letter from the duc d'Aiguillon Comte Jean bids me farewell M. d'Aiguillon's fifth letter, containing an account of the death of Louis XV The duc de la Vrilliere The lettre de cachet Letter to the queen Departure for the abbey of Pont aux Dames

The same evening I called upon the lieutenant-general of police, and, after having eloquently pleaded the cause of this forgotten young man, I discovered that there was no 'lettre de cachet' to his prejudice, and procured his liberation. He came to pay his respects and thanks to me, in my parlour at Saint Joseph, on the very day of his liberation.

His cupidity was boundless: the lettres de cachet emanated from his office, and he carried on an execrable trade in them. If any person wished to get rid of a father, brother, or husband, they only had to apply to M. de la Vrilliere. He sold the king's signature to all who paid ready money for it. This man inspired me with an invincible horror and repugnance.

Once a soldier, you see, Baisemeaux, always a soldier." "And I shall directly obey; and to-morrow morning, at daybreak, the prisoner referred to shall be set free." "To-morrow?" "At dawn." "Why not this evening, seeing that the lettre de cachet bears, both on the direction and inside, 'urgent'?" "Because this evening we are at supper, and our affairs are urgent, too!"