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And maybe you can take thees t'ing we see!" The collar was much too large for workaday use, but it was not too large for this purpose. Its very size gave it freedom to pass over the head without the usual twisting and turning. Nor did the horse rebel when it was so placed a fact which gave Felipe much relief, since he now believed that he would not have the trouble he had anticipated.

You sut'ny look lak you plumb tukahed out. Come in an' tell me all 'bout yo'se'f, you po' little t'ing. Dese yo' little brothas an' sistahs?" "Yes'm," said Patsy Ann. "W'y, chil', whaih you goin'?" "I don' know," was the truthful answer. "You don' know? Whaih you live?" "Oh, I live down on Douglas Street," said Patsy Ann, "an' I's runnin' away f'om home an' my step-mothah."

The negro answered with the slow clipping manner that characterized his condition and years. "He'm werry wakeful, Masser Al'erman. I t'ink he no sleep half he time, lately. All he a'tiverty and wiwacerty gone, an' he do no single t'ing but smoke. A gentle'um who smoke alway, Masser Al'erman, get to be a melercholy man, at last. I do t'ink 'ere be one young lady in York who be he deat', some time!"

Mebbe we meet dose cheechako' comin' in an' dey holler: 'Hallo, Frenchy! How's t'ing' in Dawson? an' we say: 'Pouf! We don' care 'bout Dawson; we goin' home." "Home!" Rouletta paused momentarily in her task. "Sure! Now voila,! Breakfas' she's serve in de baggage-car.

"None o' that, or I'll mash yer mug see?" standing over him with clenched fist. "I warn't nowheres," stammered Billy. "Say, take yer hands off'n me ye ain't" "T'ell I ain't! Ye answer me straight see? or I'll punch yer face in," tightening his grasp. "What wuz ye a-doin' when de circus come out an', anoder t'ing, what's dis cologne yer got on yer coat?

"Dah now, dah now," cried the woman, casting a pitying glance at the child, "dat's de las' t'ing. He des a feelin' roun' now. You po', ign'ant, mothahless chil'. You ain' nevah had no step-mothah, an' you don' know what hit means." "But she'd tek keer o' the chillen," persisted Patsy. "Sich tekin' keer of 'em ez hit 'u'd be. She'd keer fu' 'em to dey graves.

When you's a trading, trade and git you pay, but when you's a trabelling with gemplemans and he family, da's no time for trade. Ef you open you box at dem times, you must jest put in you hand, and take out de t'ing wha' you hab for gib, and say, 'Yer Cæsar somet'ing for you, boy!" "Hem! that's the how, is it?" said the pedler with a leer that was good-humoredly knowing.

"Ob course, an' you're right for once, which is such an unusual t'ing dat I 'dvise you go an' ax de cappen to make a note ob it in de log. I's a nigger, an a nigger's so much more 'cute dan a white man dat you shouldn't ought to expect him to blab his massa's secrets." "Right you are, Moses. Come, then, if you won't reveal secrets, give us a song."

Dah go de gong! I knowed dat wasn't no staht. Troop back dah, you raskils, hyah, hyah. "I wush dat boy wouldn't do so much jummying erroun' wid dat hoss. Fust t'ing he know he ain't gwine to know whaih he's at. "Dah, dah dey go ag'in. Hit's a sho' t'ing dis time. Bettah, Jim, bettah. Dey didn't leave you dis time. Hug dat bay mare, hug her close, boy. Don't press dat hoss yit.

"Where on earth did you get those?" asked Jimmy. "Out of one of de rooms. Dey belonged to one of de loidies. It was de easiest old t'ing ever, boss. I just went in when dere was nobody around, an' dere dey was on de toible. I never butted into anyt'in' so soft." "Spike!" "Yes, boss?" "Do you remember the room you took them from?" "Sure. It was de foist on de "