"Well, come," said the sergeant, "if you have been lyin' all your life, you've spoke the truth now. I think we may let him go." "I don't think we ought," said one of them, named Steen, a man of about fifty years of age, and of Dutch descent; "as Bamet said, 'we don't know what he is, and I agree with him. He may be a Rapparee in disguise, or, what is worse, Reilly himself."

Looking at the specimens before us to-day none of them are as good of their kind as I've seen elsewhere. But if you choose Sir John Hogg you'll not get the wrong sow by the ear!" "At least," said George, after a laugh at this sample of eloquence unadorned, "Mr. Steen does not err on the side of flattery in his commendations of a candidate. But what makes him such an authority with the farmers?

He could have echoed Flaubert's famous sentence: "The ignoble is the sublime of the lower slope." Yet what wit, what humour, what humanity in Daumier! His Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are worth a wilderness of Dorés. And the Good Samaritan or The Drinkers. The latter is as jovial as Steen or Hals. A story went the rounds after his death which neatly illustrates his lack of worldliness.

Hence he was called the Dutch Hogarth, the jovial philosopher, the keenest observer of the habits of his countrymen, and one among his admirers has said that if Steen had been born at Rome instead of at Leyden, and had Michelangelo instead of Van Goyen been his master, he would have been one of the greatest painters in the world. Another finds some kind of analogy between him and Raphael.

When you elected Bolt sheriff that was one to you. When you took out that grazing permit and cut me off the reserve that was another time you scored heavy. A third time was when you brought 'steen thousand of Mary's little lambs baaing across the desert. Well, I come back at you by deeding the Circle C to my girl and taking up the Del Oro homestead. You contest and lose. Good enough.

He makes one smell the odor of a pipe, hear the coarse laughter, guess at the stupid or foul discourses to understand, in a word, tavern-life and the dregs of the people; and I maintain that it is impossible to carry this art to a higher point than that to which Steen has carried it. His life has been and still is a vexed question.

In this comedy the blank verse adapts itself to all the turns of familiar humorous dialogue, and the effect of the Dutch genre-paintings of Teniers or Jan Steen is admirably reproduced in dramatic form.

The old miser had not hidden his wealth for all eternity, as he had hoped, but had only brought about the inheriting of it by Madame Wolff, the owner of the house, and the next of kin. The first use to which this lady put the money was to tear down the uncanny old building and to erect in its stead a beautiful new home for her daughter and son-in-law. Steen Steensen Blicher The Rector of Veilbye

"I don't know yet the charge must be newly filed, I guess," said La Farge, answering the last question first. "But I hope they nail him! I don't like him never did. He's too fresh. He's too smart one of those self-educated East Side Yiddishers, you know. Used to be a court interpreter down at Essex Market knows about steen languages. And he here he comes now."

Furnished with this information, he quietly withdrew, returned quickly as possible to General McDowell, and apprised him and Captain Steen of his discoveries. He was well mounted, and traveled day and night a distance of ninety miles. General McDowell's forces, upon this intelligence, marched in great haste, attacked the enemy near Blackstock's Ford, and routed them.