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"I've heard that couldn't be done." The Bald-faced Kid chuckled. "A smart owner can do anything," said he, "and Weaver's smart. At these other tracks, stealing weight off a horse is the king of indoor sports, and they mostly work it through a stand-in with the clerk of the scales; but you're right about this fellow Parker. He's on the level, and they can't get at him.

And when election-time approached and it came to talking real politics, and the girl you had counted on all winter to swing her wing of the third floor in Browning Hall for your candidate would suddenly remember in the midst of a businesslike talk on candidates and things that you had cut two dances with her at the prom, and you couldn't explain that you simply had to do it because you had to keep your stand-in with a girl on the first floor who had the music-club vote in her pocket-book well, I may get out over Niagara Falls some day on a rotten old tight-rope, with a sprained ankle and a fellow on my shoulders who is drunk and wants to make a speech, standing up but if I do I won't feel any more wobbly and uncertain about the future than I used to feel on those occasions.

Holati's stand-in, Acting Commissioner Chelly, apparently hadn't been too successful at keeping up personnel discipline. She hadn't said anything. It was true that Manon was still a precolonial planet only as a technicality.

She still watched her writhing hands, not raising her eyes to Mike's. "And and, I suppose, a husband, too," she continued. "That is, he's sort of the stand-in for a well, a somebody to teach to correct to reform. I guess every woman wants to to remake the man she meets the man she wants." And then her eyes were suddenly on his. "But I don't. Not any more. I've had enough of it."

"If I was thinking at all I was just sizing it up as pretty soft for a fellow like me to get this sort of stand-in with with my boss. Gawd! me and Roth used to love each other like snakes." "I I ain't your boss, Phonzie. Don't I give you the run of everything hiring the models and all?" "Sure you're my boss, and it's pretty soft for me."

"We must leave now, Lydia," he said. "I promised your father I'd have you home by midnight." "Oh, Billy! Just one more two step and one more waltz," pleaded Lydia. "Nope," he said, smiling down into her wistful eyes. "I want to get a stand-in with your Dad because I want to take you to more parties." "Oh, Billy! Do you!" breathed Lydia.

When two songs had failed to bring her into view, he stole off upstairs unmolested and lay for some time with his door locked, grinning before sleep. They hammered at his door next morning with appeals for his appearance at first-hour recitation, and fraternal reminders that he hadn't sufficient stand-in to cut.

She came in during the Fourth Hour for several days after that, and every time I flew to the sheltering arms of the dictionary, and she always made some approving remark out loud. Now she thinks I'm a shark and I have a better stand-in than ever with her.

"Let the honest man go, Traynor. What do ye hawl him that way for, ye gallis pet'?" "Honest!" replied Traynor; "how very honest he is, the desavin' villain, to be stand-in' at the windy there, wantin' to overhear the little harmless talk we had." "Come, Traynor," said Brady, seizing him in his turn by the neck, "take your hands off of me, or, bad fate to me, but I'll lave ye a mark."

"Maybe they've come back early to be on the scene and get a stand-in with the freshies," cannily suggested Jerry. "Wouldn't it be funny to see us and the Sans down at the station every day, grabbing the freshies as they came off the train, like a couple of jitney drivers?" Leila laughed. "They will never go that far. That would take some kindness of heart and consideration.