The inks rich in gum, or those concentrated by evaporation from standing in an open inkstand, give a more lustrous and thicker stroke. Some inks penetrate deeper into the paper than others, and some produce chemical effects upon the sizing and even upon the paper itself, so that the characters can easily be recognized on the underside of the sheet.

Andy's train rolled into the New Haven station shortly before dusk. On the way the new student had been surreptitiously "sizing up" certain other young men in the car with him, trying to decide whether or not they were Yale students. One was, he had set that down as certain a quiet, studious-looking lad, who seemed poring over a book and papers.

This wild, free spirit of the plains was akin to their own, and although their mode of life had been so different, a subtle free masonry told them that in substance they were members of the same brotherhood. The cowboys also were "sizing up" the newcomers. Physically they had no criticism to make.

I could see he was sizing me up, and I knew he wanted some of my mutton, so I said to him: "We have all had a drink but you; won't you join me?" He replied, "I can buy my own drinks, and you can go to h l." I did not reply to him, but walked out into the cabin. He followed me out, for he knew he had me afraid of him by my not resenting the insult.

I shall never forget the look of his face as he regarded my sorry figure. "Now by Saint Andrew," exclaimed he, "are ye kelpie or pirate?" "Neither, captain," I replied, smiling as the comical end of it came up to me, "but a young gentleman in misfortune." "Hoots!" says he, frowning at the grinning half-circle about us, "it's daft ye are " But there he paused, and took of me a second sizing.

But if he has acquired them as intellectual aids in sizing up the needs, resources, and difficulties of the unique experiences in which he engages, they are of constructive value. In the last resort, just because everything depends upon his own methods of response, much depends upon how far he can utilize, in making his own response, the knowledge which has accrued in the experience of others.

"Humph," he said, finally, and gazed at the stranger, sizing him up a ragged, ill-smelling tramp, with no overcoat and one arm in a sling and a hundred-dollar bill! "Want to buy anything?" he demanded. "Yes," said Jurgis, "I'll take a glass of beer." "All right," said the other, "I'll change it." And he put the bill in his pocket, and poured Jurgis out a glass of beer, and set it on the counter.

The editor was all for temporizing with her until something could be done to find out what likelihood of truth there was in her, but the proprietor, after sizing her up in his own shrewd fashion, took his two companions out of the room. "We'll hear what the old woman has to say on her own terms," he said.

So as not to waste his time while listening, he poured some red wine out of a bottle that stood on the ground and drank it down at a gulp. "It can be arranged if you pay in advance," he said, sizing her up. "How much?" she asked. "Forty sous a week for the wagon and twenty for the donkey," he replied. "That's a lot of money," she said, hesitatingly. "That's my price." "Your summer price?"

There are half a dozen buildings in the yard, and two of them are new and unpainted. Sizing them up from a distance, I said to myself that the lumber in them hadn't been very long out of the mill. One of them is evidently the power-house; it has an iron chimney set in the roof, and the power-plant was running."