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At the presidential election-time of Lincoln's success, a negro minstrel, Unsworth, was a "star" at "444" Broadway, dressing up the daily news drolly under this title that is, ending each paragraph with that line.

Besides the Judge, there were an ex-lawyer, an ex-soldier of Victoria and a German Graf. I named them the "Ex-Club." Every morning they separated as though forever. Every night they returned and looked at one another in surprise. At election-time both political parties had access to the register, and every lodger was the recipient of two letters.

For during those hundred and fifty years, among those six intercalary Kaisers, too, who followed Albert, they were always trying; always thinking they had a kind of quasi right to it; whereby the Empire often fell into trouble at Election-time.

If Dante had visited Hungary, and had seen my particular borough in election-time, he would not have omitted it in his description of hell. Others refuse to listen even to the sweet voices of these angels, and wait obstinately for the mightier spirits, emblazoned on fifty and one hundred florin bank-bills.

And when election-time approached and it came to talking real politics, and the girl you had counted on all winter to swing her wing of the third floor in Browning Hall for your candidate would suddenly remember in the midst of a businesslike talk on candidates and things that you had cut two dances with her at the prom, and you couldn't explain that you simply had to do it because you had to keep your stand-in with a girl on the first floor who had the music-club vote in her pocket-book well, I may get out over Niagara Falls some day on a rotten old tight-rope, with a sprained ankle and a fellow on my shoulders who is drunk and wants to make a speech, standing up but if I do I won't feel any more wobbly and uncertain about the future than I used to feel on those occasions.

The rules of the police are strict, and Monsieur Groslier doesn't trifle, like some commissaries of police." "Innkeepers are never to blame about election-time," remarked the little tiger, getting off his horse. "I'll repeat that to Vinet," thought the sub-prefect. "Go and ask your master if he can receive the sub-prefect of Arcis." Presently Paradise returned.

But he was hire by the big man to do something with the votes on election-time so to cheat and he get caught and so he been in the state prison. But he seem to be out all free now and convert to religion in some funny way. Eh?" "Etienne, are you sure of what you are talking about?" demanded Farr. His voice trembled.

And one evening, two days after election-time, another and important character entered the North woods and our story. On the evening in question, some thirty or forty miles southeast of Radway's camp, a train was crawling over a badly laid track which led towards the Saginaw Valley. The whole affair was very crude.

The city money is wasted just the same, the policy game is let run for the benefit of the rich men who back it, all the grafts go right on. You can't fool me any longer. They stir us poor chaps up at election-time, we rush to the polls and vote, and sometimes think we are accomplishing something.

According to Velleius, Tiberius also promised the franchise to all Italians south of the Rubicon and the Macra, which, if true, is another proof of his far-seeing statesmanship. It is indeed a good deal less, for it is utterly inconsistent with the other acts of an unselfish, dauntless career. At election-time the first two tribes voted for Tiberius.