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"See here, Dick, although fishing is great fun while it lasts, we shan't be out all summer on a fishing trip. We don't need such a lot of money for, say, only a two or three weeks' trip." "Yes; I think two or three weeks will see us in from our fishing trip," Prescott admitted. "But if we do come back early, fellows, then we shall need some other kind of a trip for August, won't we?"

"So long as she doesn't want my help, as she has plainly made me feel, I certainly shan't stand in her way." "You're absolutely right," said her father. "Stick to it," said Bruce approvingly. But Edith did not stick to it. In her case too, as the weeks wore on, those subtle family ties took hold and made her feel the least she could do was "to keep up appearances."

"I hoped you wouldn't mind just seeing me," he said in a low tone. "I'm not quite family, and yet I felt myself nearer than all the neighbours and friends, eh?" "I shan't see any one for ages," Nina murmured, plaintively, "but you you're different." "And shall we talk about her sometimes?" Royal pursued, still close to her, and holding both her hands. "As she was, beautiful and sweet and good.

I hope I may amount to as much as she before I die." "Ethel, I fear you are strong-minded," laughed Harvey. "Don't fear, but know it. I try to be strong in mind and body. I believe in a woman getting all that's coming to her and working for that end." Harvey laughed. "Well, I shan't argue with you." "Because you agree with me, and you know it," said Ethel quietly.

I shan't wake her up if she's asleep." He was gone with the words, swift and noiseless as a bird on the wing, and five seconds later was scratching very softly at Olga's door. Her voice bade him enter immediately, and he went in. She was lying on her bed, but the blind was up and the windows wide. She held out her arms to him. "Nick darling!" "Ever yours to command!" said Nick.

"Oh, Leonore," she cried out, "if you go to Spain, we shan't see each other again for the rest of our lives; then you will never, never come back here any more!" "Do you really think so?" Leonore asked, much downcast. She felt that it would be hard for her to choose in such a case, and she suddenly did not know if she really wanted to go to Spain.

"I shan't come home for Easter, then," decided Nora mercilessly. "Then I shan't look forward to anything," replied Hippy with such earnestness that even scornful Nora forgot to retort sharply. "We all hope to be together again at Easter," said Grace, looking affectionately from one to the other of the little group. "Remember, every one, your good resolution about letters."

When both were ready he looked Mark over. "Your muscles have thickened out a good bit, sir, since I saw you strip. Before another four years, if you keep on at it, you will be as big a man as I am. I am about eight years too old, and you are four years too young. You will improve every day, and I shan't. Now, sir, let us see what you can do.

"No," said Fanny, shaking her head coquettishly, "I'll stand while your lordship discourses." "You positively shan't!" And with these words, the young man grasped Miss Fanny's long streaming hair-ribbon, and gently drew it toward him, laughing. Fanny cried out. Ralph laughed more than ever. There was but one alternative left for the young girl.

But they shan't play me the same trick again. I shall dare to assert myself, now. Come, we must go away. There are some of the British public come to see one of the British sights. That's another pleasure here. One has to run about to avoid being caught by the visitors. The housekeeper tells me they always grumble because they are not allowed to go into my little room up-stairs."