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They were out toward the frayed edge of the city, where great stretches of sign-plastered vacant lots began to yawn between isolated patches of buildings and the river ran close enough alongside of them to reflect their leftward lights. She smiled, but as if her lips were bruised. "It ain't none of my put-in, but he couldn't help it, and I hate for you to yell at anybody like that, Jerry."

"Gee! it ain't none of my put-in; but when I seen you last night funny thing but when I seen you, why, you just kinda hit me in the eye; and, with all that gang round me, I says to myself: 'Gee! a pretty little thing like her, scared as a gazelle, and so pretty and all; and no one to give her the right steer!" "Aw, you seen me?" "Sure! Wasn't it me reached out the pamphlet to you?

"That'll do for you; it ain't your put-in, nohow," was the gruff decision of the court; but Blount was too good a lawyer to be silenced thus easily. "Perhaps you might not especially regret killing the wrong man, but in the present case I am very sure I should," he went on. And then: "Are you quite sure you've got the right man?" "The boss knows who you are that's enough for us."

They turned into a narrow aisle of street lined with unbroken rows of steep, narrow-faced houses. Miss Worte withdrew her arm sharply and plunged ahead, her lips wry and on the verge of tremoling. "When a girl gets twenty, like you, it ain't none of my put-in no more.

Now, after the battle, the British general asserted: "My fleet has whipped the Americans, but the vessels are injured and have gone to Put-in Bay, to refit. They will be here in a few days." Tecumseh was no fool. He had before caught the general in a lie. Here at Fort Maiden opposite Detroit he challenged him in a hot speech. Father! Listen to your children. You have them now all before you.

From a distant shore, Tecumseh witnessed Perry's wonderful naval battle; but of course could not determine which had been victorious. Proctor, to reconcile the chief, said: "My fleet has whipped the Americans; but the vessels being much injured, have gone into Put-in Bay to refit and will be here in a few days." This base falsehood did not deceive the wily Indian.

"They say it didn't come lawful," piped Daddy over his blackberries and milk. "Oh, you shet up. Who wants your put-in? Don't work in any o' your Bible on us." Daddy rose to go into the other room. "Hold on, old man. You goin' to fix that door?" "'Course I be," quavered he. "Well see't y' do, that's all. Now git on y'r duds, an' I'll go an' hitch up." He rose from the table.

Perry made his base at Put-in Bay, thirty miles southeast of Amherstburg, where he could intercept the enemy passing eastward. The British commander, Barclay, had also been troubled by lack of seamen and was inclined to postpone action. He was nevertheless urged on by Sir George Prevost, the Governor General of Canada, who told him that "he had only to dare and he would be successful."

I don't belong to your family. I'm neither a fool nor a coward." "Hurrah!" shouted Bob Holliday, bringing down first one and then the other of his big feet on the floor. "It's your put-in now, Riley." "Don't be backward in coming forward, Will, as the Irish priest said to his people," came from grave Harvey Collins, who here looked up from his book, thoroughly enjoying the bully's discomfiture.

If Bert had suggested calling it Put-In Bay or Simpkins' Cove or something like that you'd have said 'Fine! and secretly thought him a perfect ass!" Twilight came early and the still, limpid water of the pool took on all sorts of strange and wonderful hues, like the iridescent surface of a pearl-shell.