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He showed himself both paternal and dignified. On three successive occasions he had prevented a quarrel between the Coupeaus and the Poissons. The good understanding between the two families formed a part of his contentment. Thanks to the tender though firm glances with which he watched over Gervaise and Virginie, they always pretended to entertain a great friendship for each other.

However, she could not do it, it was no use insisting! And when Virginie left to return to her shop, they forgot all about old Coupeau and began to gossip about the Poissons and their home, a real mess now.

One day it came to pass that there was not a mouthful in the house, not even a radish. Lantier sat by the stove in somber discontent. Finally he started up and went to call on the Poissons, to whom he suddenly became friendly to a degree. He no longer taunted the police officer but condescended to admit that the emperor was a good fellow after all.

Hard work and economy would solve all their money troubles. Unfortunately, she dreamed of this in the warm satisfaction of the large sum earned by her husband. Soon, she said that the good things never lasted and took things as they came. What the Coupeaus most suffered from at that time was seeing the Poissons installing themselves at their former shop.

«Il est certain cependant que les poissons de toutes les sortes abondent dans les grandes rivières de l'Amérique méridionale et notamment dans celle de la Magdelaine; ne pourroit-on pas supposer d'après cela, que puisque toute communication des eaux de tout le pays élevé de Santa Fée est interrompue avec cette dernière par le saut de Tekendama, ces mêmes eaux n'ont pu en être peuplées comme celle-ci paroissent avoir été, au moins en partie, par la mer.

Nana danced with joy at the mere thought of what the Lorilleuxs as her godparents had promised, while Mme Lerat gave the veil and cup, Virginie the purse and Lantier a prayer book, so that the Coupeaus looked forward to the day without anxiety. The Poissons probably through Lantier's advice selected this occasion for their housewarming.

The little fishes who prowl in the neighbourhood, delighted with the sight of this apparent worm, regarding it as a destined prey, throw themselves on to it, but before they are able to bite and recognise their error they have disappeared in the mouth of the proprietor of the bait. Lacepède, Histoire des Poissons, 1798-1803. He retires to the midst of the sea-weed and algæ.

Ségédin est une grande ville champêtre, composée d'une seule rue qui m'a paru avoir une lieue de longueur environ. Elle est dans un terroir fertile, abondant en toutes sortes de denreés. La Teisse fournit aussi quantité de poissons, et nulle part je n'ai vu rivière en donner d'aussi gros.

On interrogating the patroon, or master, of her, he informed us that the vessel with the precious metal had sailed from Mexico two months before, and had arrived at the Havannah. The Yankee captain who had given us this false information, and made us for five weeks poissons d’Avril, was remembered in our prayers; whether they ascended or descended is a problem unsolved.

His work on the "Poissons Fossiles," which placed him in a few years in the front rank of European scientific men, took form at once in his fertile brain. MUNICH, January 18, 1830. . . .My resolve to study medicine is now confirmed. I feel all that may be done to render this study worthy the name of science, which it has so long usurped.