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There is a name I must know as soon as possible, that of the mandarin returning to China in the form of a mortuary parcel. With a little ingenuity Popof may manage to ascertain it from one of the Persians in charge of his Excellency. If it would only be that of some grand functionary, the Pao-Wang, or the Ko-Wang, or the viceroy of the two Kiangs, the Prince King in person!

"Item where they say that when a mortuary is due, curates sometimes, before they will demand it, will bring citation for it; and then will not receive the mortuaries till they may have such costs as they say they have laid out for the suit of the same; when, indeed, if they would first have charitably demanded it, they needed not to have sued for the same, for it should have been paid with good will: "We answer that curates thus offending, if they were known, ought to be punished, but who thus doeth we know not.

That really did bring things home to me and I cried for the first time. One afternoon Corporal Coy dropped in to enquire how I was. As he remarked cheerfully, "It would have fair turned me up if you'd come round to the mortuary, miss!" He then settled himself comfortably in the armchair and proceeded to entertain me. I only wished it didn't hurt so much to laugh.

Most of the bowls show signs of former use, either wear on the inner surface or on the base where they rested on the floor in former feasts. These mortuary vessels were discovered generally at one side of the chest or neck of the person whose remains they were intended to accompany, and a single specimen was found inverted over the head of the deceased.

He carried me with him as often as he could to these mortuary ceremonies; but feeling I was not, like him, either useful or ornamental, I escaped as often as I could. I saw the poor child's funeral from a distance. Ah, that Distance!

Forget not Madam Grissel Steevens nor the suine scions of the house of Lambert. And Noah was drunk with wine. And his ark was open. BELLA: None of that here. Come to the wrong shop. LYNCH: Let him alone. He's back from Paris. Give us some parleyvoo. Misters very selects for is pleasure must to visit heaven and hell show with mortuary candles and they tears silver which occur every night.

Stafford found his grey-haired chief, arrayed in a flowered silk dressing-gown, balancing bread on an electric toaster. "Bad news, eh, Stafford?" he said. "Sit down and have some coffee. The girl is gone?" Stafford nodded. "And our unfortunate detective-constable, who was sent to watch, is half-way to the mortuary, I presume?"

He waited a minute to gather himself together and then began to shave and wash. When he was dressed he sat down on the bed and waited for his wife. At last she came. "She wants to see him," she said. "They've taken him to the mortuary. We'd better go down with her. How did she take it?" "I think she's stunned. She didn't cry. But she's trembling like a leaf." "We'd better go at once."

In one thing I can excuse the Duke of Bedford for his attack upon me and my mortuary pension: He cannot readily comprehend the transaction he condemns. What I have obtained was the fruit of no bargain, the production of no intrigue, the result of no compromise, the effect of no solicitation.

"Dio mio!" exclaimed the soldier in great agitation. "What a combination! Your Excellency's cousin is in the mortuary chamber at Santo Spirito!" "Is he dead?" asked Saracinesca in a lower voice, but starting from his chair. "No," cried the man, "questo e il male! That is the trouble! He is alive and very well!" "Then what the devil is he doing in the mortuary chamber?" roared the prince.