Jonson's theory of comedy and the consciousness with which he set it against the practice of his contemporaries and particularly of Shakespeare receive explicit statement in the prologue to Every Man Out of His Humour one of his earlier plays. "I travail with another objection, Signor, which I fear will be enforced against the author ere I can be delivered of it," says Mitis.

Feet, thickening of the skin on the soles of the; modification of, in man. Felis canadensis, throat-ruff of. Felis pardalis and F. mitis, sexual difference in the colouring of. Female, behaviour of the, during courtship. Female birds, differences of.

Nicknames he is particularly fond of: the cat is Raminagrobis, or Grippeminaud, or Rodilard, or Maître Mitis; the mice are 'la gent trotte-menu'; the stomach is Messer Gaster; Jupiter is Jupin; La Fontaine himself is Gros-Jean. The charming tales, one feels, might almost have been told by some old country crony by the fire, while the wind was whistling in the chimney and the winter night drew on.

"What's that, sir?" replies Cordatus. Mitis: "That the argument of his comedy might have been of some other nature, as of a duke to be in love with a countess, and that countess to be in love with the duke's son, and the son to love the lady's waiting maid; some such cross-wooing, better than to be thus near and familiarly allied to the times."

But now to returne backe to speake of other dooings, as in other parts of this land they fell out. For capit indulgentia mentes, Asperitas odium sæuáque bella mouet. Odimus accipitrem, quia viuit semper in armis, Er pauidum solitos in pecus ire lupos. At caret insidijs hominum, quia mitis hirundo est, Quásque colat turres Chaonîs ales habet.

Still, Honesty has no business to be helpless and draggle-tailed; she must be active and brisk, and make use of her wits; or, though she keep clear or the prison, 'tis no very great wonder if she fall on the parish. "Mitis. This Macilente, signior, begins to be more sociable on a sudden." Every Man out of his Humour. "Punt. Signior, you are sufficiently instructed. "Fast. Who, I, sir?" Ibid.

His sole wish was to live in pondering the divine truths, and to draw nearer to God. Videte et gustate quam mitis sit Dominus "O taste and see that the Lord is good." This perhaps, of the whole Bible, is the verse he liked best, which answered best to the close desire of his soul; and he quotes it oftenest in his sermons.

Touched by a personal knowledge of this union of genius and affection, even MALONE commemorates, with unusual warmth, the literary friendships of Sir Joshua Reynolds; and with a felicity of fancy, not often indulged, has raised an unforced parallel between the bland wisdom of Sir Joshua and the "mitis sapientia Laeli."

There are numerous, very distinct varieties, such as P. floribunda atrosanguinea, with deep red flowers; P. floribunda Elise Rathe, of pendulous habit; P. floribunda John Downie, very beautiful in fruit; P. floribunda pendula, a semi-weeping variety; P. floribunda praecox, early-flowering; P. floribunda mitis, of small size; P. floribunda Halleana or Parkmanii, probably the most beautiful of all the forms; and P. floribunda Fairy Apple and P. floribunda Transcendant Crab, of interest on account of their showy fruit.

The author's friend; a man inly acquainted with the scope and drift of his plot; of a discreet and understanding judgment; and has the place of a moderator. Mitis. Is a person of no action, and therefore we have reason to afford him no character. Of this kind are the