Tregenza gave them such information as suggested itself to her during the progress of the meal. She was chiefly concerned about her son. "Cruel 'ard worked he be, sure 'nough," she murmured. "'Tis contrary to reason a boy can graw when he's made to sweat same as Tom be. An' short for his age as 'tis. But butivul broad, an' 'mazin' strong, an' a fine sight to see en ate his food.

They alighted on the brink of the water, and having thrown off their robes, stood to the enraptured view of Mazin in native loveliness. Never had he beheld such enchanting beauty; but one even more exquisitely charming than the rest attracted his gaze, and from the instant fixed the affections of his heart.

Mighty few nice bits would the old man git wasn't it for you and Miss Eulie. Then I watch the good people goin' to church. 'Mazin' few out wet Sundays. But no doubt they've all got the 'sperit' to go. They would jist as lief be sawn in two pieces 'in sperit' as not, if they can only sleep late in the mornin' and have a good dinner and save their Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes from gettin' wet.

Leaflets appeared in the factory explaining the significance of this holiday, and even the young men not affected by the propaganda said, as they read them: "Yes, we must arrange a holiday!" Vyesovshchikov exclaimed with a sullen grin: "It's time! Time we stopped playing hide and seek!" Fedya Mazin was in high spirits. He had grown very thin.

At length he raised his head and said, "Heavens! what troubles, disasters, and afflictions in exile have been decreed to this youth in the search of his object!" Upon this Mazin exclaimed, "Wherefore, my lord, did you look at the book and then at me so earnestly?"

In it are innumerable horrors, and we dread the inhabitants." Mazin having heard what they said, exclaimed, "I accept your offer with gratitude." The ten genii now took up Mazin, soared with him through the air for a night and day, till they came to the limits of their territories, and then set him down in a country called the land of Kafoor, took, their leaves, and vanished from his sight.

Then he went to eye the flags from different points of view, while Sally, in a minority of one, turned to Joan. "And what do you say?" she asked. "You'm 'mazin' quiet an' tongue-tied for you. I s'pose you'm thinkin' of the time when Joe Noy comes home. I lay you'll have a honeymoon anyways." "Iss, that you may depend 'pon," said Mrs. Tregenza.

The magician struggled, but in vain. He then implored for mercy and forgiveness; but Mazin, convinced by experience that he deserved none, struck off his head at one blow.

Mazin, overjoyed, immediately shut up his shop, and with his adopted father repaired to his own house, where he seated him in his best apartment. He then went to his mother, desiring that she would go and spend the night at a neighbour's, shewing her the gold which his broken copper had procured, as a proof of the sincerity of his new friend.

"Well, Massa," said he, "I don't know to a zact sartainty, for I was not dere when she was tooked ill, I was at de bank at de time, but I will take my davy it was hogs or dogs. I wont just zackly sartify which, because she was 'mazin' fond of both; but I will swear it was one or toder, and dat dey was cooked wid dere heads on dat I will stificate to till I die!"