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After this, the General shew'd a great deal of Respect to all that had good Clothes, but especially to John Thacker, till Captain Swan came to know the Business, and marr'd all; undeceiving the General, and drubbing the Noble-Man: For he was so much incensed against John Thacker, that he could never indure him afterwards; tho' the poor Fellow knew nothing of the Matter.

Where shading elms along the margin grew, And freshened from the wave the zephyr flew; And haply though my harsh note falt'ring still, But mocked all tune, and marr'd the dancer's skill; Yet would the village praise my wondrous power, And dance forgetful of the noontide hour.

He is not afraid, but that he will have readers enough, ere all is done; and he can afford to wait. There's time enough. First Pat. This man has marr'd his fortune. Men. His nature is too noble for the world: He would not flatter Neptune for his trident, Or Jove for his power to thunder.

I've got within a single letter, brother Toby, cried my father, of Erasmus his mystic meaning. You are near enough, brother, replied my uncle, in all conscience. Pshaw! cried my father, scratching on I might as well be seven miles off. I've done it said my father, snapping his fingers See, my dear brother Toby, how I have mended the sense. But you have marr'd a word, replied my uncle Toby.

He threw the pistol from him and pulled himself up, till he sat looking at me. "In heaven's name, what can you see in a fellow like that?" "What's that to you?" I turned to go. "To me? Things of that sort are nothing, of course, to me me, that 'luckless Pot He marr'd in making. But, tell me can a girl like you tell the truth?

"Light was her form, and darkly delicate, that brow, whereon her native sun had sat, but had not marr'd." She was tall, so far as I could judge, but oh, how attenuated! Her lower limbs absolutely made no impression on the mattrass, to which her frame appeared to cling, giving a ghastly conspicuousness to the oedematoust swelling of her feet, and to her person, for, alas!

That jest suited 'em to a T, an' always after that she wuz called leetle Lizzie, an' it sot on her, that name did, like it was made for her, an' she for it. We made it up then perhaps more in fun than anything else that when the children growed up, Cyrus an' leetle Lizzie, they should get marr'd together, an' have both the farms an' be happy, an' be a blessin' to us all in our old age.

"Ey didna mean to offend ye, Jennet," sobbed Susan, "boh yo're so wrythen an marr'd, a body canna speak to please ye." "Weel, if ye confess your fault, ey'm satisfied," replied the little girl; "boh let it be a lesson to ye, Suky, to keep guard o' your tongue i' future." "It shall, ey promise ye," replied Susan, drying her eyes.

By this time Leander's children had growed up; all on 'em wuz marr'd, and there wuz numeris grandchildren to amuse the ol' gentleman.

What made me start so what made me ask of Bill one time: "Are we a-gettin' old, Bill?" that wuz the Thanksgivin' night when, as we set round the fire in Bill's front-room, Cyrus come to us, holdin' leetle Lizzie by the hand, an' they asked us could they get marr'd come next Thanksgivin' time? Why, it seemed only yesterday that they wuz chicks together!