"My grateful remembrance to all your household. "Faithfully yours and theirs, "LUXMORE." "Give me back the letter, Maud my child." She had been taking possession of it, as in right of being his "pet" she generally did of all Lord Ravenel's letters. But now, without a word of objection, she surrendered it to her father. "What does he mean, Mr. Jessop, about my interests as his tenant?"

Besides, he gives a decent colouring says he only wants the use of the stream three days a week, to make fountains at Luxmore Hall. But I see what it is I have seen it coming a whole year. He is determined to ruin me!" John said this in much excitement. He hardly felt Muriel's tiny creeping hands. "What does 'ruin' mean? Is anybody making father angry?"

The water-power being so greatly lessened, I must either stop the mills, or work them by steam." "Do that, then. Set up your steam-engine." "And have all the country down upon me for destroying hand-labour? Have a new set of Luddites coming to burn my mill, and break my machinery? That is what Lord Luxmore wants. Did he not say he would ruin me? Worse than this he is ruining my good name.

By and by, his spirit rose, as it always did, the heavier it was pressed down. "No, Lord Luxmore shall not ruin me! I have thought of a scheme. But first I must speak to my people I shall have to shorten wages for a time." "How soon?" "To-night. If it must be done better done at once, before winter sets in. Poor fellows! it will go hard with them they'll be hard upon me.

Would it be so great a misfortune to your daughter if I made her Viscountess Ravenel, and in course of time Countess of Luxmore?" "I believe it would. Her mother and I would rather see our little Maud lying beside her sister Muriel than see her Countess of Luxmore."

That the cruelty and illegality lay in the haste of the distraint, and in the goods having been carried off at once, giving no opportunity of redeeming them. It was easy to grind the faces of the poor, who had no helper. "Never mind; my husband will see them righted at all risks." "But Lord Luxmore is his landlord." She looked troubled. "I see what you mean. It is easy to make an enemy.

But he was greatly mistaken in supposing that John would use his influence to make the handful of voters, most of whom were employed in his mills, vote for Luxmore's man. Instead of that, Halifax advised them to be honest, and vote as they thought right; with the result that Luxmore promptly evicted them from their homes. But John found new homes for them.

'That is Mr. Somerset! interrupted the spirited old lady, in the highest note of her register. 'Mr. Somerset, what have you done with my house-property? 'Madam, said the Prince, 'let it be mine to give the explanation; and in the meanwhile, welcome your daughter. 'Well, Clara, how do you do? said Mrs. Luxmore. 'It appears I am to give you an allowance. So much the better for you. As for Mr.

I do not think anybody caught the child's exclamation but me; I could not help watching little Maud, noticing what strong emotion, still perfectly child-like and unguarded in its demonstration, was shaking her innocent bosom, and overflowing at her eyes. However, as she sat still in the corner, nobody observed her. "Yes, he slept at my house Lord Ravenel, the Earl of Luxmore, I mean.

Lord Luxmore looked considerably surprised, and politely incredulous still. His son-in-law broke out into loud abuse of this "knavery." "I will pass over this ugly word, Mr. Brithwood, merely stating that " "We are quite satisfied," interrupted Lord Luxmore, blandly. "My dear sir, may I request so useful a vote and so powerful an interest as yours, for our friend, Mr. Vermilye?"