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All that was surmise but Eldrick & Pascoe which term included Linford Pratt knew all about Antony Bartle, being his solicitors: his will was safely deposited in their keeping, and Pratt had been one of the attesting witnesses. The old man, having slowly walked into the outer office, leaned against a table, panting a little. Pratt hastened to open an inner door. "Come into Mr. Eldrick's room, Mr.

I told her I loved her enough for a mother, anyway and the poor thing giggled." "Still, you have your lucid moments." "Ah, still thinking about the face? You mean I'm lucid when you smile, and daffy when you don't. But that's a case of it your face " "My face a case of what? You're getting commercial even shoppy. Really, if this continues, Mr. Linford, I shall be obliged "

They seemed to understand perfectly what had happened, to echo Wyeth's high-pitched, friendly drawl, with an added touch of mockery that was all their own "Oh Linford!" It was toward six o'clock when she ascended the steps of the rectory. Bernal, coming from the opposite direction, met her at the door.

And all the time people are passing and turning to stare and listen, you know, so that it's quite rowdy saying 'Yes that's Linford there he is, quite as if they were on one of those coaches seeing New York; and you feel, by Jove, I give you my word, like the solemn ass who goes up on the stage to help the fellow do his tricks, you know, when he calls for 'some kind gentleman from the audience."

When they had finished dinner he let it be known that he was not a little anxious concerning a message that was late in arriving, and he made it a point, indeed, that the maid should advise Mrs. Linford to this effect, with an inquiry whether she might not have seen the delayed missive.

Whittaker unfolded the early edition of an evening paper to a page which bore an excellent likeness of Dr. Linford. "I'll read you some things from his letter," he said, "though I'll confess I don't wholly approve his taste in giving it to the press.

His companion was even less communicative, saying somewhat irritably that his goings and comings were nobody's business but his own. Some six months later the remains of the unfortunate person were found in a wild place far to the south, with his Bible and his blanket. It was supposed that he had starved. Of Linford no further trace had been discovered.

And at the sight of him Eldrick shook his head. "I've had that telephone message from Normandale," he said, "five minutes ago. Pretty much what I expected at this juncture, anyway. Mrs. Mallathorpe absolutely declines to talk business with even her daughter at present and earnestly desires that Mr. Linford Pratt may be left alone." "Well?" asked Collingwood after a pause. "What now?"

"It's difficult to say, Miss Mallathorpe," replied Eldrick, with a smile and a shake of the head. "If your mother who, of course, is quite competent to decide for herself wishes to have somebody to look after her affairs, I don't see what objection can be taken to her procedure. And if she chooses to put Linford Pratt in that position why not?

He, Allan Delcher Linford, was absolving and remitting the sins of a man whose millions were counted by the hundred, a god of money and of power who yet cringed before him out there like one who feared and worshipped. Nor did he here make the mistake that many another would have made. Instead of preaching to Cyrus Browett alone preaching at him he preached as usual to his congregation.