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"Land's sakes! Haow d' ye s'pose I kin make a pie when I hain't got e'er a thing to make it aout o'? You gimme suthirnn to make it aout o', an' you see haow quick " "I ain't a-faultinn ye, Mary Ann," interposed Uriah gently. "I know haow 't is. I was on'y tellin' ye. I git I git a kind o' hum'sick sometimes. 'Pears like as if I sh'd feel more resigned like.... Don't ye cry, Mary Ann.

He was always that way," nodded David pleasantly. Then, after a moment, he queried: "But aren't you going to walk at all to-day?" "To walk? Where?" "Why, through the woods and fields anywhere." "Walking in the woods, NOW JUST WALKING? Land's sake, boy, I've got something else to do!" "Oh, that's too bad, isn't it?" David's face expressed sympathetic regret. "And it's such a nice day!

The well-known Land's End and the Start came in sight, and on the 25th of September, 1580 Sunday, according to the reckoning on board the Golden Hind, after a voyage of two years and ten months, dropped her anchor in the harbour of Plymouth.

The door flew open suddenly, and a tall, thin-faced woman in a raincoat, and holding up an umbrella, stood in the doorway. "Well, for the land's sake!" she ejaculated, looking fairly dumfounded, as she comprehended the scene and the young folks enjoying the unrequested hospitality of her kitchen.

Hasten quickly!" A woman appeared in the doorway; tall and lean, clad in brown calico, with a sun-bonnet to match, but with apron and kerchief as snowy as Don Annunzio's "ducks." "For the land's sake!" said Señora Carreno. Rita looked up quickly. "Visitors, my love!" Don Annunzio explained rapidly, in good enough English.

Ives; not only during the summer season but throughout the year there are always some who wish to see Land's End. They often bring the vaguest ideas of what the sight will be; our visions of Land's End before we see it are often dim, immense, mystical.

So you see, the land's quite worth the twelve francs, because there's no road; and I almost hope there'll never be one, for Vanno and I shan't want to come down often from our castle in the air, where the view's so wonderful. There's no water there yet; but the most fun of all to-day was the water-diviner the old Gonzales brought.

By one of the castles, a ruin belonging to the Steins of Nassau, poetically called Landskröne, or the "Land's Crown," from its beautiful situation on a basalt hill, is a perfectly-preserved chapel perched on the top of the rock, where, says the legend, the daughter of the besieged lord of the castle once took refuge during a local war.

"I suppose fishing is your principal occupation here," continued Albert, seeing that sentiment was not considered by Uncle Terry; "your land does not seem adapted for cultivation." "There ain't much chance for tillin'," he replied; "the land's wuss'n whar I was brung up down in Connecticut, an' thar we had ter round up the sheep once a week an' sharpen thar noses on the grin'stun!

Old Lizzie, who was almost as flushed and bright-eyed over the expected caller as Lydia, finally squelched Amos with the remark, "For the land's sake, Amos, you talk like an old man instead of a man still forty who ought to remember his own courting days!" Willis arrived, shortly after eight. If the trip had been somewhat strenuous, he did not mention the fact.

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