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On our right was a conspicuous landmark, Zululu ke Sombe, a tall rock bearing the semblance of an elephant from the north-east, visible from the Congo's right bank and commanding a view of all the hills. Banza Vivi, our first destination, perching high on the farther side of the blue depression, bore due north.

When properly entered he cannot be surpassed as a "ratter." Schipperkes have always been kept as watch-dogs on the Flemish canal barges, and that, no doubt, is the origin of the name, which is the Flemish for "Little Skipper," the syllable "ke" forming the diminutive of "schipper." The respectable antiquity of this dog is proved by the result of the researches Mr. Van der Snickt and Mr.

In that month of October in that year 1715 "Ke" could only stand for "Kenmure" and "Ni" for "Nithsdale." Mr. Lovel made an attempt at dignity. "These are my papers, sir," he blustered. "I know not by what authority you examine them." But his protest failed because of the instability of his legs, on which his potations early and recent had suddenly a fatal effect.

But the institution of such a general advisory-board with certain executive powers was not an English invention, as seems to ke the general belief, and government by a "king and his parliament" was by no means restricted to the British Isles. You will find it in every part of Europe.

I know the Subada Ke Kothee; it is, if I remember right, a large quadrangle with no windows on the outside." "That is so, sahib; it is a strong place, and difficult indeed to get into or out of. There is only the main gate, which is guarded at night by two sentries outside and there is doubtless a strong guard within."

"Ke keep away," he added, as Todd came closer, to lend his assistance. "He's a bad one, boy one o' the worst on the ranch. Yates had no call to offer him to you." "Ke keep away," was all Dave replied. He could not say more, for the bronco claimed all his attention. "Yates, if that boy is hurt, you'll have an account to settle with me," said Sid Todd, and shook his fist at the other cowboy.

Praus and fishing smacks dot the blue inlet with tawny sails and curving masts, the local craft varied by a fantastic barque from the barbarous isles, with pointed yellow beak and plume of crimson feathers at the prow, suggesting some tropical bird afloat upon the tide.

Thus the wave KE, while advancing toward the meeting place becomes abc, whereof the part ab is made by the evolute bC, a portion of the curve ENC, while the end C remains attached; and the part bc by the evolute of the portion bE while the end E remains attached.

"I got my reasons for wantin' to keep this cat, and I'm goin' to keep it. YOU don't haf to ke " "Well, all right," Sam said shortly. "Anyways, it'll be dead if you don't hurry." "It won't, either," Penrod returned, kneeling and peering down upon the dark water. "Listen to him! He's growlin' and spittin' away like anything! It takes a mighty fine-blooded cat to be as fierce as that.

They ate in advance the price of their labor, which usually consisted of hogs and fowls, and they died of starvation before the leaves ceased to sprout on the tree their adze had transformed into a canoe. The kauwa, servants, must not be confounded with the kauwa maoli, actual slaves. A high chief, even a wohi, would call himself without dishonor ke kauwa a ke 'lii nui, the servant of the king.

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