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'How'd ye like a sip iv Moran's good whiskey? he sez, eyin' the case iv milk the while. I confiss me mouth went wet at the naked thought iv it. 'But what's the use iv likin'? sez I, with me sack bulgin' with emptiness. 'Candles worth tin dollars the dozen, sez he, 'a dollar apiece. Will ye give six cans iv milk for a bottle iv the old stuff? 'How'll ye do it? sez I. 'Trust me, sez he.

'Well, ma'am, for one thing, I didn't know as you'd bring a bird with you. It was a pet bird belonging to Madge. 'But what harm does the bird do? It gives no trouble; my daughter attends to it. 'Yes, ma'am, but it worrits my Joseph the cat, I mean. I found him the other mornin' on the table eyin' it, and I can't a-bear to see him urritated.

Hubbard, eyin' the crowd doubtful, "I hardly believe I care to " "Ah, I'll clear 'em out in two shakes," says I. "Just follow after me. Hey, you! Heim gagen. Mushong! Gangway, gangway!" and I motions threatenin'. "Ah, beat it, you garlic destroyers!" I sings out. "Back up there, and take your feet with you!

"He's real good-lookin'," sighed Minnie, feebly attempting to release her arm from the grasp of her mistress. "And did you notice the fellow with the big yellow mustache? He kept eyin' me " "Well, I don't wonder but it ain't anything to your credit," snapped Arline, facing her toward the hotel, "You do look like sin a-flyin', in that green dress, and with all that starch on your face.

"He deserved to die.... He deserved to die.... He deserved to die ..." the young woman repeated shrilly, hysterically. "Was you in town to lodge Tuesday night, Jed?" "Yes." "Asa come every lodge night, Mis' Briggs?" "He always came when Jed was here and when Jed was away.... When Jed was here he'd jest set eyin' me and eyin' me ... and when Jed was gone he he talked...."

"And it is true, too too true; they are all bedevilled," sez he, gloomily eyin' the bill. I allers hated crabs from the time they used to fasten to my bare toes down in the old swimmin' hole in the creek. "Wall, you don't want any bedevilled crabs, do you?"

"I? What possible idea" "Git out. Ain't I seen you not noticin' Miss Edna any? Ain't I seen you not sail the boat when you had the chance? Ain't I seen her eyin' you when she thought you wan't lookin'?" Dunham groaned. "Benny, you're horribly precocious." The boy glowered suspiciously. "I don't know whether I be or not. I know I've got eyes." "And what did you see to-day?" "Tears. Hundreds of 'em.

"Stewart laughed kind of cold, an' he rolled a cigarette, all the time eyin' Pat, an' then he said if he'd plugged the Greaser it 'd never hev been sich a bunglin' job. "'I can arrest you on suspicion, Stewart, but before I go thet far I want some evidence. I want to round up Danny Mains an' thet little Greaser girl. I want to find out what's become of your hoss.

"I don't know the answer, either," says I. "Called for Professor McCabe, didn't you? Well, you're connected. Shoot the rest of it." "I'm Mrs. Fletcher Shaw," says she. And for a minute there I couldn't place the name. Then it came to me. "Oh!" says I. "Some relation of Josie Vernon's, eh?" "Suppose I am?" she demands, eyin' me suspicious.

Maybe I wa'n't as enthusiastic as the case called for. He springs that smile of his. "Hardly a flattering way to put it," says he. "Would you be disappointed if I was?" "Well," says I, eyin' him up and down, "you don't strike me as such a swell uncle, you know." Don't faze him a bit, either. "Our near relatives are seldom quite satisfactory," says he.