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"We are all well, I assure you; but you should not wonder if you find us rather grave. Much has happened since we met. We have been thinking of you with great anxiety for so long, that we cannot on a sudden talk as lightly as when you used to come in every day." "Ah!" said he, "I little thought, at one time, that I should ever see any of you again in this world."

I suppose," he added, dreamily, "that what we used to like in Italy was the absence of all the modern activities. The Italians didn't repel us by assuming to be of our epoch in the presence of their monuments; they knew how to behave as pensive memories. I wonder if they're still as charming." "Oh, no," she returned, "nothing is as charming as it used to be.

Both rose, red and disconcerted. "In the name of wonder, idleness, and folly!" said Mr. Gradgrind, leading each away by a hand; "what do you do here?" "Wanted to see what it was like," returned Louisa shortly. "You!" exclaimed Mr. Gradgrind.

"What! don't you know?" "No." "Haven't you ever tried to find out?" "Yes. Two years ago I went and had inquiries made at Exeter. Nothing could be found out. She and her father had left the place immediately after my departure, and nothing was known about them." "I wonder that you didn't go yourself?" "What for? I didn't care about seeing her or finding her." "Do you think she's alive yet?"

"Yes, very true; but as he is to live here does he eat much what will he pay me? He ought to pay well, as he has so much money." Amine's lips were curled with a contemptuous smile, but she made no reply. "I wonder where he keeps his money; and he is going to sea as soon as he can get a ship? Who will have charge of his money when he goes?" "I shall take charge of it, father," replied Amine.

John flinched, and the muscles of his face twitched nervously again. "That was an impossible enterprise, John. No wonder the lady couldn't suffer you to follow it. But she might have allowed you to see a lonely old kinsman for all that." John's pale face was breaking, and his breath was coming fast. "Well, well," taking his arm, "I'm not reproaching you, John.

I had as companions half a dozen officers, any one of whom was young enough to be my son. They were laboriously polite and appallingly respectful. We talked to each other in restrained whispers and I do not think that any one laughed during the whole course of dinner. My discomfort lasted far beyond that evening, and I do not wonder that it took me some time to settle down.

He began to wonder if dawn would ever really come. Stars and a fair moon were out, and as nearly as he could judge from them it must be about three o'clock in the morning. Yet it seemed to him that he had been lying there at least twelve hours. He shut his eyes again, but sleep was as far from him as ever.

Though God had His appointed servants in Israel, watchmen set by Himself to cry to Him day and night and give Him no rest, He often had to wonder and complain that there was no intercessor, none to stir himself up to take hold of His strength.

They saw a rosy light in the east, and, before the house in the snow, stood a number of little children holding golden harps and lutes in their hands, and dressed in sparkling, silver robes. Full of wonder at this sight, Valentine and Marie continued to gaze out at the window, when they heard a sound behind them, and turning saw the stranger Child standing near.