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Within short memory, almost yesterday, a handful of outlaws has defied a powerful nation's best soldiers in the same mountains. It is small wonder that many thousand men, fighting for liberty and life, should have held out so long.

Wonder if we'll dock New Year's Day. My God what a list to starboard. They say a waiter broke his arm when it happened, ballast shifted. Don't believe it. Something wrong. I know I nearly fell downstairs.... My God what an ugly island. Hope we don't stay here long. All the red-bloods first-class much excited about land. Damned ugly, I think. Hullo.

The wonder, if it was one, had passed: and now did her eyes play her false, or were the snakes round that Medusa's head upon the shield all writhing, grinning, glaring at her with stony eyes, longing to stiffen her with terror into their own likeness? No! that, too, passed. Would that even it had stayed, for it would have been a sign of life!

And you have got to take in the wonder and majesty of the sight, through the pores as it wuz, through all your soul, not at first, but it has got to grow and soak in, and make it a part of yourself.

"And what made the little wench so sure, I wonder?" said the old woman, now in her black bonnet and scarlet cloak. "Why, la!" says Hannah, "because it's your son, ma'am and you're his mother, Dame Meadows!" JOHN MEADOWS had always been an active man, but now he was indefatigable.

Jane would go now and then and look at her and wonder what sort of woman this was who had laughed at O-liver. Then one day a telegram came to O-liver in his suite of rooms.

Is it any wonder then that, now and again, some chosen child of hers catches a mirrored glimpse of what she herself beholds with unveiled face; that some Catholic soul, now and again, chosen and called by God to this amazing privilege, should suddenly perceive, as never before, that God is the one and only Absolute Beauty, and that, compared with the contemplation of this Beauty which contemplation is, after all, the final life of Eternity to which every redeemed soul shall come all the activities of earthly life are nothing; and that, in her passion for this adorable God, she should run into a secret room and shut the door and pray to her Father Who is in secret, and so remain praying, a hidden channel of life to the whole of that Body of which she is a member, an intercessor for the whole of that Society of which she is one unit?

"For God's sake, Henry, compose yourself." "Is your friend often thus?" said Sir Francis Varney, with the same mellifluous tone which seemed habitual to him. "No, sir, he is not; but recent circumstances have shattered his nerves; and, to tell the truth, you bear so strong a resemblance to an old portrait, in his house, that I do not wonder so much as I otherwise should at his agitation."

"Can you understand them yourself?" asked Nancy. "Certainly not. It is not intended that any one except the person for whom they are intended shall know what they mean." "But I should think since they make no sense you would wonder whether you had them right," commented Dick. "I do wonder sometimes," admitted Bob honestly.

I wonder if it is always so in a barn, and how I am to get down. It was hard enough coming up, but in the dark, like this, and I not remembering just where that ladder was; and if I don't find it what shall I do? Yet how silly to be afraid of things, a big girl like me; and how impolite of that boy to go away and forget me.