All the glory of the season must have been within herself and I was glad this feeling had come into her life, if only for a little time. "I am pleased to hear you say these words." She gave me a quick look. Quick, not stealthy. If there was one thing of which she was absolutely incapable, it was stealthiness, Her sincerity was expressed in the very rhythm of her walk.

Nevertheless, Mrs Plornish, with a pardonable vanity in that accomplishment of hers which made her all but Italian, stepped in as interpreter. 'E ask know, said Mrs Plornish, 'What go wrong? 'Come into the happy little cottage, Padrona, returned Mr Baptist, imparting great stealthiness to his flurried back-handed shake of his right forefinger. 'Come there!

In his motions he was quiet and free, yet always there was a kind of stealthiness in his movements, which made him seem less frank than he really was. For a time, with salient sympathy in his eyes, he watched the two children playing. The whisking of their forms among the trees and over the rocks was fine, gracious, and full of life-life without alarm.

He put on the clothes, and then for a long time sat quiet, rocking gently to and fro as one in pain, a figure of infinite woe. At last he roused himself. His mind was made up; the time for action had come. He groped his way towards the window looking south. The Doctor, who had taken off his shoes, followed him with catlike stealthiness.

"Did you say you are quite ready?" asked the surgeon. "Quite ready." "And perfectly willing?" "Anxious." "Then wait a moment." With this request the old surgeon rose to his feet and stretched himself. Then with the stealthiness of a cat he opened the door and peered into the hall, listening intently. There was no sound. He softly closed the door and locked it.

Mahony made a quick, repellent movement of the shoulder. But Purdy, some vagrom fancy quickened in him, either by the voice, which was not unrefined, or by the stealthiness of the approach, Purdy turned to look. "Come, come, my boy. We've no time to lose." Without raising her pleasant voice, the woman levelled a volley of abuse at Mahony, then muttered a word in Purdy's ear.

Her movements were so natural, and so perfectly devoid of any of the stealthiness of cunning or deception, that he imagined she had merely arisen on account of the coolness of the night, a common occurrence in a bivouac, and the one of all others, perhaps, the least likely to excite suspicion. Hetty spoke to him, but he understood no English.

For myself, I was inclined to go out to the engine-driver and say to him: "Brother, are you aware you cannot be that the best European trains start with the imperceptible stealthiness of a bad habit, so that it is impossible to distinguish motion from immobility, and come to rest with the softness of doves settling on the shoulders of a young girl?" ... If the fault is not the engine-driver's, then are the brakes to blame?

Barnes, following instructions, trod heavily and without any attempt at caution. His companion, on the other hand, moved with incredible stealthiness. A listener would have said that but one man walked on that lonely trail. Turning sharply to the right, Sprouse guided his companion through the brush for some distance, and once more came to a halt.

His work done, he walked quickly, yet with a certain humble stealthiness, thus admitting his consciousness of that greater presence than his own, down a broad garden walk beyond the terrace towards a private entrance to the palace, and there disappeared. The King was left alone, or apparently so, for to speak truly, he was never alone.