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By this maneuver, Cleburne's men were right upon their flank, and enfilading their lines, while they were expecting an attack in their front. It was the finest piece of generalship and the most successful of the war. Shineral Mynheer Dutchman says, "Hans, mein Got! mein Got! vare ish Shineral Mackferson, eh? Mein Got, mein Got! I shust pelieve dot der Repel ish cooming.

Come here, that I beat you! Come here, I say!" Willie did not accept the invitation. A shrill whimpering was his sole response. Twelve-year-old Anna stepped to the kitchen door, peering round the sash. "Pa's scolding Willie," she announced to her mother. The storm continued to rage in the back yard. "Shust look at your clothes! Go now! To the creek wit' you!

"Here vos a shirt as can't be beat for der money neglegee boosom an' turnover cuffs, warranted shrunk, and all for vun dollar." Spike. "Come off, Aaron, come off! Fifty cents is th' bid!" Salesman. "Fifty cents? Vy, on Broadvay dey'd sharge you " Spike. "Wake up, Ike! This ain't Broadway! And fifty's the limit!" Salesman. "But shust look at dem pink shtripes so vide as an inch!

These two guards at the door, besides other difficulties, render it altogether impracticable. I know not what is to be done." It was some seconds before M'Kay made any reply. At length "I'll no think ta difficulty fery crate, after all, my letty," replied John. "There's shust ta bodachan at ta dore, I could put in my sporran, and ta twa soger."

"Tam schmoke pox!" and at every ejaculation bestowing a vigorous kick. At a reasonably safe distance in his rear was the Chaplain, in half undress also, remonstrating as coolly as possible, considering that the stove was his property. The Doctor did not refrain, however, until its badly battered fragments lay at intervals upon the ground. "Efry morn, and efry morn, schmoke shust as the Tuyfel.

It shone full across the window of Virginia's room, but she was dreaming of being chased by bears, and only turned uneasily in her sleep. The old professor, on his way to the kitchen, noticed that it seemed strangely light outside. He shuffled to the door and looked out. "Ach Himmel!" he exclaimed, excitedly. "Somebody vill shust in his bed be burnt, if old Johann does not haste make!"

"It will not be paad for a peginning, Malcolm. She cannot say it shust pe vorts, or tat tere pe much of ta sense in it; but it pe fery like what ta pabes will say pefore tey pekin to speak it properly.

"It will sp'ile me so I can't sing. If I couldn't see ye laff I might do " "Dot vos all righdt," declared Hans. "You bet my life we been aple to feex dot britty soon right avay queek. Shust gif me your bocket handerkerchief." "Whut you want of it?" "Nefer you mindt dot. Shust gif me to id."

Hans, go cotch der filly colt. Now, Hans, I vants to see vedder der filly colt mid stand fire. You get on der filly colt, und I vill get pehind der house, und ven you shust coome galloping py, I vill say 'B-o-o-h, und if der filly colt don't shump, den I vill know dot der filly colt mid stand fire."

I haf sent Kelly along to look after them a leetle und make them keep a goot watch. We are shust as safe as bossible. Und to-morrow we will basture the animals. It is a goot blace for a gamp, Leftenant, und we shall pe all right in a tay or two." "Does Shubert's leg need attention?" "No. It is shust nothing. Shupert is for tuty." "And you feel perfectly able to take care of yourselves here?"