He showed it to some man with money, and they took it up and we patented it, and now we've got a facto'y and we're selling it. It's it's making lots of money." He turned an apologetic eye on his friend and continued, more firmly: "They gave me twenty thousand dollahs down and twenty pe' cent, of the stock, and a block of stock foh you, because I insisted on that. I want you in on my luck.

I hope, however, that the water won't rise much higher." "The watter will rise higher, Muster Ruvnshaw," returned Angus, with the decision of an oracle; "an' it will pe goot for us if it will leave our houses standin' where they are. Peegwish will be tellin' me that; an' Peegwish knows what he iss apout when he is not trunk, whatever." Peegwish did indeed know what he was about.

The most convincing material proof that the two places are the same was furnished by the discovery of the tunnel; but some strong corroborative evidence is to be found in local names. The word puy affords no clue; for it simply means a high place. In the dialect of the Viscounty of Turenne the Puy d'Issolu is pronounced Lo Pe de Cholu.

With a twinkle in his eye, the old gentleman related the incident of the morning, while Angus, with a grim expression, kept his eye on Beauty, who gazed inquiringly out at the half-open door of her retreat. "It iss a pad craitur you've peen fery pad ever since I got you, but it iss no more mischief you will pe dooin' after this whatever."

But as Duncan yielded his weapon, Malcolm lost his hold on him. He darted away, caught his dirk a blade of unusual length from its sheath, and shot in the direction of the last word he had heard. Malcolm dropped the sword and sprung after him. "Gif her ta fillain by ta troat," screamed the old man. "She 'll stap his pag! She'll cut his chanter in two! She'll pe toing it!

That's what I call great luck. Seth, suppose you see if you can drop the loop over his head." "Pe sure as you don't shoke me, poys!" called out the dangling object below, in a manner to prove that he heard all they said. "Get it over his feet, Seth; then we can yank him up. He won't mind it for a short time. Some of his brains will have a chance to run back into his head that way," suggested Eben.

"Then my laty will pe right welcome to Tuncan's heart," he replied, and taking her hand again led her to a chair. When they left, she expressed herself charmed with the piper, but when she learned the cause of his peculiar behaviour at first, she looked grave, and found his feeling difficult to understand. They next visited the Partaness, with whom she was far more amused than puzzled.

"Sadisfied not till der American toller and der sovereign and der louis d'or vear his portrait vill he pe sadisfied." "There's one comfort," hazarded a lone optimist, "Hamilton Burton recognizes no conventions of finance; he heeds no laws. He's the most brilliant brigand in the Street and every hand is against him.

"Right you are!" came from Tom, "Oh dear, do you remember how we served Mumps that night!" and he set up a roar over the remembrance of the scene. Hans Mueller had become one of the occupants of the dormitory, and he was as much, interested as anybody in the preparations for the spread. "Dot vill pe fine!" he said. "I like to have von feast twist a veek, ha I ha!

The triumph strode splendent over sea and shore, subduing waves and rocks to a path for its mighty entrance into that dark cave on the human coast. With his back to the light stood Duncan in the bottom of the cave, his white hair gleaming argentine, as if his poor blind head were the very goal of the heavenly progress. He turned round. "Will it pe a fire?