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Am I to sleep in your room?" "Yes." "How scrumptious. Look out for a fine waking early in the morning." Nan hugged Hester in her usual rough-and-ready manner, and danced upstairs, singing as she went "Old Daddy-long-legs wouldn't say his prayers, Catch him by his left leg and throw him downstairs." This was one of Nan's rhymes which Sir John detested. Her voice was loud and somewhat piercing.

They'll jest keep y' plowin' corn and milkin' cows till the day of judgment. Come, Julyie, I ain't got no time to fool away. I've got t' get back t' that grain. It's a whoopin' old crop, sure's y'r born, an' that means som'pin' purty scrumptious in furniture this fall. Come, now."

Now they proposed to do what Rose had thought of, and keep it secret from everybody. "Of course," Rose said, "nothing may come of it." "But that won't be your fault, Rose," said her brother. "It is a perfectly scrumptious idea." "Do you think so?" asked Rose, much pleased by this frank praise. "Sure I do. And we'll do it to-night. Then the Armatages won't know and and laugh at us."

Finally, he turned, and, with an interrogative note in his voice, said: "Gee! fixed up kind o' scrumptious, ain't you? I guess you've been almost as prosperous as I have." She forced a laugh. With affected carelessness, she said: "You can get a lot of gilt and cushions in New York at half-price, and, besides, I've got a pretty good part now."

Hailes is going to help me to get a scrumptious little house, whence I can get to it by underground rail. Oh, you may shake your head, Mr. Hailes, but if you will not help me, I shall set my unassisted genius to work, and you'll only suffer agonies in thinking of the muddle I may be making. 'What does Lady Adela say? asked Mr. Hailes.

"Do you think you can jolly me?" said the head of the firm. "I'll give you some carpet tacks to eat if you'd like them." "Oh, wouldn't those be too scrumptious," another girl said. "Do you serve peanut glue with them?" "I'll give you some fried fish-hooks," Pee-wee shot back with blighting sarcasm. "Yes, but what we'd like most of all is the ground glass," said another girl.

Haven't you some jolly little name to go by? 'Nuttie. 'Nuttie! That's scrumptious! I'll call you Nuttie, and you may call me Pussycat. 'That's not so nice as Blanche. 'Mother won't have me called so when strangers are there, but you aren't a stranger, you know. You must tell me all about yourself, and how you came never to learn tennis!

"Thanks for the information," retorted Grace. "Oh, what a perfectly scrumptious place!" she exclaimed as, after some rather severe jolting and swaying from side to side, the auto came to a stop in the depths of a grove of trees, amid which were pitched several tents and a slab-sided shack; from the stovepipe of the shack smoke drifted, and with it emanated the most appetizing odors.

"Are you temperance fellers?" inquired the Pike man contemptuously. "I am," said Joe. "And I, too," said Joshua. "Bah!" said the other disdainfully; "I'd as soon drink skim-milk. Good whisky or brandy for me." "I wish we was to your restaurant, Joe," said Joshua. "I kinder hanker after some good baked beans. Baked beans and brown bread are scrumptious. Ever eat 'em, stranger?"

His thoughts were busy within him, and far away from the scene in which he moved; yet, such is the force of habit, he never for a moment ceased to cast quick, inquiring glances on each side as he went along. Nothing escaped his observation. "Oh, if I could only get a deer this day," thought he, "how scrumptious it would be!"