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It was a sad thawt to think that in all that vast aujience Scacely a Sole had the honor of my acquaintance. "& this ere," sed I Bitturly, "is Fame! What do thay care becawz a site of my Kangeroo is worth dubble the price of admission, and that my Snaiks is as harmlis as the new born babe all of which is strictly troo?"

Bizness is scacely middlin, but Sirs I manige to pay for my foode and raiment puncktooally and without no grumblin. The barked arrers of slandur has bin leviled at the undersined moren onct sins heze bin into the show bizness, but I make bold to say no man on this footstule kan troothfully say I ever ronged him or eny of his folks. I'm travelin with a tent, which is better nor hirin hauls.

At one verse, Rhoda's reading was like this: "And when we had sailed slowl li many-days and scare scare skar skurse I declar', Aunt Vesty, this print is blombinable! scace Oh, yes, scacely scarce were come over against Ceni Snide Snid Mr. Tilghman, what is this crab-kine of word? Cnidus? I mean suffering suffering us we sailed under I can't spell that nohow; nobody kin!"

"Then thou ist what the cold world calls marrid?" "Madam, I istest!" The exsentric female then clutched me franticly by the arm and hollered: "You air mine, O you air mine!" "Scacely," I sed, endeverin to git loose from her. But she clung to me and sed: "You air my Affinerty!" "What upon arth is that?" I shouted. "Dost thou not know?" "No, I dostent!"

"But I workt hard for the ticket; I toiled night and day! The patrit should be rewarded!" "Virtoo," sed I, holdin' the infatooated man by the coat-collar, "virtoo, sir, is its own reward. Look at me!" He did look at me, and qualed be4 my gase. "The fact is," I continued, lookin' round on the hungry crowd, "there is scacely a offiss for every ile lamp carrid round durin' this campane.

They're in Kunnel Garrard's rijimint, ez ye know, an' hit fit behind breastworks, and didn't lose nobody, scacely leastwise none uv our kin." She rose quickly from her chair. The ball of yarn fell from her lap and rolled unheeded toward the glowing coals under the forelog.

"Can't we go straight to Ile Haute?" "Scacely. The tide'll be agin us, an the wind too, till nigh eleven." Bart gave a deep sigh. "But don't be alarmed. We'll go thar next, an as soon as we can. You see we've got to go on into Minas Basin. Now we want to leave here so as to drop down with the tide, an then drop up with the flood tide into Minas Bay.

"How'd you get there?" "Dey volunteered me, sah." "Volunteered you, did they?" the President laughed. "Yassah dat dey did. Dey sho' volunteered me whether er no " "And how did it happen?" "Dey done hit so quick, sah, I scacely know how dey did do hit. I was in de war down in Virginia wid Marse John Vaughan an' er low-lifed Irishman on guard dar put me ter wuk er buryin' corpses.

I spose the inflammertory individooals who assisted in projucing this Krysis know what good she will do, but I ain't 'shamed to state that I don't scacely. But the Krysis is hear. She's bin hear for sevral weeks, & Goodness nose how long she'll stay. But I venter to assert that she's rippin things.

I used to do somethin in that way; but since I've growed old, an rheumatic, I've got kine o' out o' the way of it, an don't scacely feel sech confidence in myself as I used to onst. But come, we mustn't be waitin here all day." At this they started up the path, and soon reached the top of the cliff.