Then he took a gulp from the tumbler. 'That was just a lucky shot, he said. 'Parfaitement, I replied carelessly. 'Now, own up, Valmont, wasn't it? I shrugged my shoulders. A man cannot contradict a guest in his own house. 'Oh, stow that! cried Hale impolitely. He is a trifle prone to strong and even slangy expressions when puzzled. 'Tell me how you guessed it. 'It is very simple, mon ami.

The way in which she swung it to and fro rhythmically was that of a nurse and child. "If madame prefers, the maid and infant can be accommodated apart," suggested the obliging conductor. But this did not please her. "No, no, no," she answered with much asperity. "I wish them to be with me. I have told you so already; did you not hear?" "Parfaitement, as madame pleases.

"Oh, oui, parfaitement, Madam a hat for the green afternoon robe and one of white " "And a parasol of the same color, shoes of suede with the new heel, dancing slippers of white satin and a pair of pumps." "I comprehend perfectly." "You are to return her to-morrow. The train leaves in an hour. That is all."

And the little French boy clapped his clean and tidy hands; but the lady was so anxious that the Phoenix fluttered down and walked up and down on the shiny walnut-wood table. 'Is it that it talks? asked the lady. And the Phoenix replied in excellent French. It said, 'Parfaitement, madame! 'Oh, the pretty parrakeet, said the lady. 'Can it say still of other things?

Sepp's "Grobheit" could be very insulting indeed when he cared to make it so. Rex hastened to turn the scale. "Yes, Herr Director, this is Sepp, one of the duke's best gamekeepers Monsieur speaks German?" he interrupted himself to ask in French. "Parfaitement!

"Ach!" cried Madame de Riedesel. "Nevair think. I speak ze Anglais parfaitement. Continuez." "I was passing," explained Janice, mightily relieved, "and hearing what your little girl was saying, I made bold to intrude, in the hope that you will let me share my milk and eggs with the children."

Oh, the misery of trying on a new mode for the first time, and before a stranger! The eye accustomed to see the face to which it appertains enveloped in a chapeau more or less large or small, is shocked at the first attempt to wear one of a different size; and turns from the contemplation of the image presented in the glass with any thing but self-complacency, listening incredulously to the flattering encomiums of the not disinterested marchand de modes, who avers that "Ce chapeau sied parfaitement

If the books are good for anything, they must be considerably improved, by having seen so much of the world; but, as I believe they are English books, perhaps they may, like English travelers, have seen nobody, but the several bankers to whom they were consigned: be that as it will, I think you had best deliver them to Monsieur Hecht, the Prussian Minister at Hamburg, to forward to her Royal Highness, with a respectful compliment from you, which you will, no doubt, turn in the best manner, and 'selon le bon ton de la parfaitement bonne compagnie'.

'You wish, he resumed, 'to visit now this afternoon as-ever-is the reading-room of the British Museum, yes? but of a hundred years hence, yes? Parfaitement. Time an illusion. Past and future they are as ever-present as the present, or at any rate only what you call "just-round-the-corner." I switch you on to any date. I project you pouf!

He was dressed in light gray trowsers of perfect cut, patent-leather boots and a red-and-black spotted shirt, which displayed in its front a set of superb diamond studs. From under a Byron collar, parfaitement starched, peeped the ends of a pale lilac scarf. A magnificent seal-ring decorated the third finger of his left hand. The day being excessively warm, his coat and vest had been laid aside.