No penal bill will suit all moral complaints, and the sooner we depart from quackery the better it will be for the prisoner and the nation as well. Sir Joshua Jebb's system entered too largely into competition with our workhouses and county jails.

One night some one entered his premises and appropriated, a number of his pet fowls. The next day the Times had a long account of his misfortune, and at the conclusion of his article he hurled the pope's bull of excommunication at the miscreant. It was a fatal bull and was Mr. Jebb's reportorial finish. A fresh graduate from the case at one time wrote a scurrilous biography of Washington.

This neglect on the part of the authorities at the Home Office, had the effect of making all those who were due for liberation early in the month quite regardless of the prison regulations, as one short sentence would not have made any difference to them under the circumstances. In Sir Joshua Jebb's day anything of this kind seldom happened.

"I think so, too; but all the same, I won't use his story if it can be dispensed with. The less we dig into this thing the better." A little later the notice came from Dr. Jebb, inviting Deacon Higginbotham to a meeting at his house that evening, for important business. As he walked across the village Charlie Bylow stepped out from a dark corner near Dr. Jebb's house.

Failing health rather than personal fitness had to do with Dr. Jebb's being sent to the hills. But the vast extent of territory in his charge, the occasional meetings in places separated by long hard rides, together with the crude, blunt ranch and farmer folk who were his flock all called for a minister with the fullest strength of youth and mental power.

Ely threw himself with a sense of relief into his easiest chair, set his feet on the hobs, and in this attitude of bachelor enjoyment began to read Bishop Jebb's Memoirs. I am by no means sure that if the good people of Milby had known the truth about the Countess Czerlaski, they would not have been considerably disappointed to find that it was very far from being as bad as they imagined.

'I've read 'em, thanks. 'How about Jebb's Homer? You'd like that. Awfully interesting. Proves that there never was such a man as Homer, you know, and that the Iliad and the Odyssey were produced by evolution. General style, quietly funny. Make you roar. 'Don't be an idiot. I'm simply starving for something to read. Haven't you got anything? 'You've read all mine. 'Hasn't Welch got any books?

Matt. xxv. 23. Dan. xii. 3. "The vessel whose rupture occasioned the paralysis was so minute and so slightly affected by the circulation, that it could have been ruptured only by the over-action of the mind" Bishop Jebb's Life. "This is nature's law; she will never see her children wronged.

The civilisation there unearthed raises questions of great interest; the problems it suggests are certain to modify current ideas of Homeric study. The best interpretation of Greek poetry is Symonds' Greek Poets, 2 vols. Jebb's Homer is the best introduction to the many difficulties presented by the poems. Flaxman's engravings for the Iliad and Odyssey are of the highest order.

And on the day after her meeting with him and their unexpected adventure with the runaway, the parson's wife gave a tea to introduce the young man to the congregation. Jim's eyes met hers the moment she entered Jebb's parlour. His greeting was a joyous one and Belle felt the colour mount in her cheeks as Hartigan drew her aside to talk.