It is necessary for you to know this, that you may understand what manner of man young Albert Gordon was. Young Gordon had been a reporter just three years. He had left Yale when his last living relative died, and had taken the morning train for New York, where they had promised him reportorial work on one of the innumerable Greatest New York Dailies.

A reproachful pouting of the scarlet lips was the only answer. Shirley left, this time hurrying uptown to a certain engine-house, whose fire captain he had known quite well in the old reportorial days. It was beginning to snow once more.

They are told by the wharf-rat in dialect with a casual reportorial air which is tolerably convincing, and it is clear that they are based on a background of first-hand experience. Mr. Connolly's hand is not entirely subdued to the medium in which he has chosen to work, but the result is a certain monotony of interest. These twelve portraits which Mr.

Even though a facility for selling such dishonestly gained property to advantage be yours, do not convince yourself or be convinced that larceny should be included in your reportorial duties. I recollect speaking with you once upon the difficulties young women encountered who attempted to win honours in a dramatic career.

Correspondents, like poets, are born, not made: the venerable associations around me monuments, cloisters, palaces, the homes and graves of great men whom I revered, the aisles where every canvas bore a spell name could not wean me from that old, reportorial habit of asking questions, peeping into private nooks, and making notes upon contemporary things, just as I had done for three years, in cities, on routes, on battle-fields.

They were, I was subsequently given to understand, the pick and flower of the city's reportorial genius. to His Majesty No; Plooie and Annie Oombrella need no help from the humble now. Their well-deserved fortune is made. The months go by bleak March and May-day heat Harvest is over winter well-nigh done And still I say, "To-morrow we shall meet."

The suppression of this yarn would have obsessed you, lain on your reportorial conscience. "I don't suppose your salary is much over thirty a week, is it? Now, then, here you are in for a touch of real adventure, better than gleaning dock gossip, to a red-blooded man. If we win and you saw the gold you win. We expect to give you a share. We haven't taken it up yet, but it'll be enough.

Struthers looked like a dose of seasickness on a sour stomach. "Get your hat. Quick! I jobbed him, gentle and encouraging. "Age allus commands respect. Therefore the sight of a six-foot, grizzled Klondiker in a wide hat, benevolently prodding the night editor in the short ribs and apple sauce, with eight bright and chilly inches, engendered a certain respect in the reportorial staff.

Since then he has travelled in Europe, covering the ground where he places the scenes in "The Key to Yesterday" and "The Lighted Match." After graduation, Mr. Buck studied art, and for a year was the chief cartoonist on Louisville's leading daily paper. He then turned to editorial and reportorial work, which brought him into close contact with Kentucky politics and the mountain feuds.

The robust nationalism of Kipling challenges the defiant opposition of foreigners; whilst his reportorial realism offends many an inviolable canon of European taste. With all his incandescent wit and comic irony, Bernard Shaw makes his most vivid impression upon the upper strata of society; his legendary character, moreover, is perpetually standing in the light of the serious reformer.