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"No," replied Bylow uneasily; "at least I don't want to go before any meeting. I only know that's right; that's the way it happened; and I don't want any one to blame Mr. Hartigan." Here Charlie abruptly ended and went away. Higginbotham turned back to his house. Hannah listened with the keenest attention and then said: "It's easy to straighten it all out.

Belle, Belle, what will you say?" Taking the hot coffee from the stove, Mrs. Bylow knocked at the door and went in. "Take this, it will make you feel better." She hoped he would talk, but he didn't. He only thanked her feebly. Then Charlie came back from his brother's shanty.

I travelled a lot, went about, was asked to shoot in England and Austria.... I had a good time." "Didn't you work hard?" "No. Isn't it disgraceful!" "But you exhibited in three salons. What were your pictures?" "I did a portrait of Lady Bylow and her ten children." "Was it a success?" He coloured. "They gave me a second medal." "Oh, I am so glad!" she exclaimed warmly. "And what were your others?"

While Belle was fretting under the delay and marshalling her forces for the trip to the Corner, Hartigan lay in the quiet Bylow cabin and under the influence of cold water, coffee, and a more collected mind, gradually acquired some degree of composure.

The presence of the Preacher was obviously disconcerting to the new-comers. "Gimme that," growled Pat. He seized the keg and was marching off with it when Hartigan strode over in front of him. "Hold on, Pat, let me see that." Bylow exploded into a torrent of abusive profanity.

Pouring some water on a cloth he laid it on the pale forehead. The prostrate man opened his eyes and groaned. "Mr. Hartigan," said the other. "It's me. It's Charlie Bylow. Won't you be after having a drink of water?" Hartigan raised himself on his elbow, peered out of his bloodshot eyes, and drank eagerly. The cup was three times emptied.

Morris, very sweetly no doubt, had eluded Godfrey's endeavors to inform her of anything not to his brother's unqualified praise. In the Bylow Hill group, Ruth had a way of smiling abstractedly, which was very dear to Godfrey even when it meant he had best say no more; and this smile had just said this to him when Isabel and Arthur came into view again.

"There is times to tell lies," said Mary naively, "but this ain't. I'll tell you the whole truth," and she did in a quivering voice, while tears ran from her eyes. "Trapped, trapped," was Belle's only comment. "Where do you suppose he went?" "Not to Cedar Mountain," said Carson, "that's sure. No one passed us." Charlie Bylow, coming into the cabin, heard the doctor's last comment.

They had prepared by getting a keg of whiskey. This liquid sin, if I may so call it, Mr. Hartigan spilled on the floor; unfortunately, it was in a small, close cabin and the fumes affected his head so that he was temporarily ill. These are the facts; and to prove them I have two reliable witnesses. Call in Charlie Bylow and John Lowe."

The Preacher also rose with inexpressible relief, and, after a hurried farewell, he mounted and rode away. The Second Bylow Spree Woman to-day reverences physical prowess just as much as did her cave forebears, and she glories in the fact that her man is a strong, fighting animal, even though she recognizes the value of other gifts.