They call it confiscating, but that don't deceive nobody, it's just hogging, and that's all it is. Now if we try to carry this sand home the way we're pointed now, we got to climb fences till we git tired just frontier after frontier Egypt, Arabia, Hindostan, and so on, and they'll all whack on a duty, and so you see, easy enough, we CAN'T go THAT road."

"No, sir!" said Edith. "You have a right to be unhappy. If the other fellow's nicer than you I mean if he has something that attracts her that you haven't, of course you'd be unhappy! But there's no jealousy about that kind of thing! Jealousy is hogging all the love for yourself. Like Bingo! And I call it plain garden selfishness and no sense, either, because you don't gain anything by it.

Curly, according to this version, had been doing his utmost to keep two Survey men, Harden and Forrester, from hogging for obscure government purposes, certain oil lands, belonging to Curly. In the ill feeling that had resulted, Curly had been shot. Before his death, however, he had been able to write a statement of the affair which had been sent to a well-known lawyer in Washington.

They kept hanging around looking real foolish at him, and Jig looks back at 'em as if they wasn't there. Well, it riles the boys around these parts. Quade comes up to him and takes him aside. "'Look here, he says, 'why don't you dance with one girl instead of hogging them all? "'I don't dance, says Jig. "'Why do you stay if you won't dance? asks Quade.

Now, a series of hogging and sagging strains alternately compresses and opens every resisting join in every timber, with the inevitable result of loosening the whole. To meet these strains longitudinal strength must be supplied. Four means are therefore employed to hold the parts together lengthwise keelsons, shelf-pieces, fillings, and some form of truss.

There was a lull in the bad weather on April 21, and the carpenter started to collect material for the decking of the 'James Caird'. He fitted the mast of the 'Stancomb Wills' fore and aft inside the 'James Caird' as a hog-back and thus strengthened the keel with the object of preventing our boat "hogging" that is, buckling in heavy seas.

I'm itching for a chance to tunnel a man like him. Come on an' see the show!" "Not much!" retorted Fisher. "While I am some pleased to meet a white man, an' have a deep an' abiding gratitude for yore noble offer, I can't let you do it. He put it over on me, an' I'm the one that's got to shoot him up. He's mine, my pudding; an' I'm hogging him all to myself.

You act as if you'd rather lose than win the suit." "Sometimes I'm a white man, Steve. I don't want to grab other people's property just because some one can dig up a piece of paper that says it's mine. We sit back and roast the trusts to a fare-you-well for hogging all there is in sight. That's what Fitt and his tribe expect me to do. I'm damned if I will."

It's almost good enough to remind me how you and grandma used to make it, Rosie." "Speaking of 'Saint Elba, Mr. Pelz, somebody must speak to Mabel Lovely about the way she keeps hogging center-stage in that scene with me on " "There's no center-stage left to hog with you in the picture, Spencer." "She crowds me to profile. They want me full-face.

You've been hogging it all the afternoon." "Yes, come on," said Monty. "We'll drive on the waggon." The G.S. waggon with its seven blanketed forms was outside waiting for Monty. It was drawn by two teams of mules with mounted drivers. The driver's seat was therefore vacant, and on to it Monty, Doe and I climbed.