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So Luther's sincere idiomatic German, such language as this: "Hilf, lieber Gott, wie manchen Jammer habe ich gesehen, dass der gemeine Mann doch so gar nichts weiss von der christlichen Lehre!" no more proves a power of style in German literature, than Cobbett's sinewy idiomatic English proves it in English literature.

Why de Mahster would habe to round up de livestock each afternoon, put dem in pens, and den put out guards all night to keep de wolves and bears frum gettin' em. De folks didn't go gallivatin' round nights like dey do now or de varmints would get them. But den we didn't stay here but a few months until de Mahster's A.W.O.L. wuz up, so we had to go back and jine de army.

Long as he 'habe himself, wot dat agin him?" "Being born at the North is a crime, some people think." "Yes, I know, but dat ar suttingly fool talk. Dat ain't de trouble so much in dis case. It's cause he's dat ole 'tankerous Houghton's son." "He isn't to blame for that either," Ella answered, hotly. "Lor', Missy Ella! how you stan' up fer 'im."

'Ich habe gelebt und geliebet. That the little blackbird, as they used to call her, should have been on the verge of running away with her own husband was a half understood, amusing mystery discussed in exaggerating prattle.

People who had seen each other at breakfast shook hands formally half an hour later in the village square, and one bowed and was bowed to and heard the singsong... "'habe die Ehre!" a dozen times a day. Nagybiesce is in northern Hungary, and the peasants round about were Slovaks sturdy, solid, blond people with legs the same size all the way down.

They're ladies, if there is a lady living in the Queen's dominions. That young thing is as beautiful as Habe, as innocent as a sleeping child, as soft as wax to take impression. What armour has she got against such a one as you?" "She shall not need armour." "If you're a gentleman, Mr. Neville, as I know you are, you will not give her occasion to find out her own wakeness.

"You seem to think it's all settled," laughed Cora. "It is, as far as I'm concerned," said Walter, coolly. "If I can't go any other way I'll go as a valet to Mr. Robinson, or courier to the rest of the family. I can speak the language habe Espanola? Oh, you simply can't get along without me especially as I'll pay my own fare. And, Jack'll need me, too. It's all settled." Mrs. Kimball looked at Dr.

Peter the Hermit soon gathered together a confused multitude of peasants, women, and children, with whom he set out, together with a German knight named Walter, and called by his countrymen by the expressive name Habe Nichts, translated into French, Sans avoir, and less happily rendered in English, The Penniless.

"You shall see her, Yevgeny; but first we must have a little talk with the doctor. Bazarov glanced at the German. "Well, talk away quickly, only not in Latin: you see, I know the meaning of jam moritur." "Der Herr scheint des Deutschen mächtig zu sein," began the new follower of Æsculapius, turning to Vassily Ivanovitch. "Ich habe We had better speak Russian," said the old man.

All the parties to the dispute, Kudara, Shiragi, and Habe, were required to send envoys to the Yamato Court for the purpose of hearing the rescript read, and thus Japan's pre-eminence was constructively acknowledged. But her order provoked keen resentment in Shiragi and Habe.

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