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"He's smart enough when it comes tew th' use of tools; but outside of them 'bout everything that he touches 'pears tew go wrong with him, an' ginerally it goes wrong because of th' fool way he tackles it, though he lays his bad luck all on th' ingratertude of his feller mortals."

I ginerally do the swapin', and me wife or Kittie, me daughter, do the winder clanin' an' the dustin'." "During the past four or five days, have you noticed anything unusual around this office?" went on Dick. "Phat are ye after mainin'?" "I'll tell you. There has been a robbery here, and we want to get at the bottom of it."

But ginerally hit's jest somebody who has a gredge agin the blockader fer family reasons, or business reasons, and turns informer to git even."

Sez I, "Your views are material, Josiah. I said her soul wuz ketched up." "Oh, well, my soul and body has ginerally gone together where I've went." "I don't doubt that," sez I, "not at all. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned." "Well," sez he, "I've hearn a sight about such things as that, but I'd ruther see 'em myself."

"Ye may be sure they didn't leave it fer every ninny to take up valuable time waggin' his tongue, an' sayin' nothin'. They ginerally got down to bizness as soon as the camp was formed, an' appinted several of the leadin' men to dispense law as they saw fit. Sometimes they were called 'The Vigilance Committee, an' right good work they did, too.

"You be one of them missionary chaps, ain't ye?" Reynolds laughed. "What makes you think so?" "Dunno, 'cept yer solemncoly face, an' the way yer dressed. Missionaries ginerally come north lookin' about as you do, to turn the sinner from the error of his way, an' to convart the heathen Injun. They're not overly pop'lar up thar." "Why not?"

"An', may I ax, commodore," said Larry O'Neil, touching his hat, "wot I'm to do?" "Keep out of everybody's way, and do what you pleases, Larry." "Which manes, I'm to make myself ginerally useful; so here goes."

"No, nor nobody else that ever I hearn of. Mr. Briscoe war a plum favorite, far an' nigh," said old Jubal Clenk, the eldest of the party. "But shucks!" he continued, with a change of tone and the evident intention of preserving harmony among the conspirators. "'Twar jes' an accident, an' that's what it will pass fur among folks ginerally. Mr.

"'No fear, says he; 'I'll tache ye enough Portuguese in a month or two to begin with, an' ye'll pick it up aisy after that. And sure enough I began, tooth and nail, and, by hard workin', got on faster than I expected; for I can spake as much o' the lingo now as tides me over needcessities, and I understand most o' what's said to me. Anyhow, I ginerally see what they're drivin' at."

"I should think he'd be struck motionless in his tracks," chuckled Jack. "No, sah," said Washington. "Dat's de only fault I kin fin' with dat name it don't 'pear to stop him. An' befo' I kin git it all out he's ginerally out ob sight!" That sent both boys off into another paroxysm of laughter. Meanwhile the darkey had come into the great shed and was slowly walking around the flying machine.