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"Doctor's orders she's to take all the fresh air there be, sir, and we're paying for't in shoe-leather. By same token, she looks after me too. Wouldn't let me out 'lone to-day, 'cos yesterday Ah went too free, an' got into a bit o' rough house." "I see," said the clergyman. "That's a nasty cut on your cheek." Dick laughed.

"I declar for't," said Israel Goodrich, with an air of mingled disappointment and wrath, "I be reel put aout, an disappinted like. I dunno what tew make on't. I callated the trouble wuz all over, an times wuz gonter be good and folks live kinder neighbourly 'thout no more suein an jailin, an sellin aout, same ez long from '74 tew '80.

In these adornments he would walk proudly to church, leaning on the arm of his grandson. "I doobt he'll be slippin' awa some cauld nicht," said the other: "his leevin' breath's ill to get." "Ay; he has to warstle for't, puir man! Weel, he'll be missed, the blin' body! It's exterordinor hoo he's managed to live, and bring up sic a fine lad as that Malcolm o' his."

The old General, with his pipe, was seated on the other side of the table, and appeared as fervent in his devotions to the pitcher as his guest. "I tell you what, Prime," said Tom, "I come plaguy nigh tumbling in myself. I thought I marked the spot exactly, but somehow or other the snow light sort o' blinded me, and I stepped right on the edge, and had to spring for't like all natur'."

So like's not he'd strike me dead for't, bein' that religious. But you must take me away, Jan, dear heart. I'm yourn now an' you must go on lovin' me allus, 'cause theer'll never be nobody else to not now. I've chose you an' gived 'e myself an' I caan't do no more." He listened to her delicious voice, and shut out the crude words as much as might be while he marked the music.

Preserve O Lord, from stormes and wrack, Protect him there and bring him back; And if thou shall spare me a space, That I again may see his face, Then shall I celebrate thy Praise, And Blesse thee for't even all my Dayes. If otherwise I goe to Rest, Thy Will bee done, for that is best; Perswade my heart I shall him see Forever happefy'd with Thee.

"That air shillin o' Meshech's is the fuss money o' his'n I've seen fer flip in more'n a year," said Widow Bingham, "an thar be them, not a thousan mile from here, nuther, ez I could say the same on, more shame to em, for't, an I a lone widder."

"And, if you'll believe me, I was that upset, that I went back to the coach that had brought me, and took passage onward without lying in the town half-an-hour. Ha-ha! 'twas a good joke, and well carried out, and I give the man credit for't!" Elizabeth-Jane was amazed at the intelligence. "A joke? O no!" she cried.

I do disown her, since she is so wicked To bid me kill my Friend. Why, thou'rt my Friend, Alcander. Alcan. I'll forgive thee that. Fal. So will not his Majesty: I may be hang'd for't. Alcan. Thou should'st be damn'd e'er disobey thy Mistress. Fal. These be degrees of Love I am not yet arriv'd at; When I am, I shall be as ready to be damn'd In honour as any Lover of you all. Alcan.

"'Clar for't," said Aunt Milly, "we orto have a bonfire. It won't hurt nothin' on the brick pavement." Accordingly, as it was now dark, the children were set at work gathering blocks, chips, sticks, dried twigs, and leaves, and by the time John Jr. appeared, they had collected quite a pile.