The wood of which these boats are constructed is so elastic and tough, that when they take the ground, either by accident or in regular course of service, the part which touches yields to the pressure without breaking, and bulges inwards almost as readily as if it were made of shoe-leather.

"Isn't it strange that the professor's daughter would do such a thing?" "Now ye've got me," and the teamster gave a savage thrust at a forkful of hay Douglas had just handed up. "The whole thing is a mystery. Nell's as fine a girl as ever wore shoe-leather, an' why she meets that feller in the evenin' beats me." Douglas made no reply to these words, but went on quietly with his work.

"The desert's no man's paradise this time o' year. Hotter than Billy-be- , and no cops looking after the traffic. They'll shoot a man for his shoe-leather." "Any man can have my shoes when I can't use 'em." "Heard of Petra?" I nodded as casually as I could.

An' ses I to her, ses I: 'He's lift a bye that's loike him, ma'am, fur a foiner little felly niver sthipped in shoe-leather."

Ould Mother Sheehy sat down of a heap an' began playin' wid the cups. 'Thin you're a well-matched pair, she sez, very thick. 'For he's the biggest rogue that iver spoiled the queen's shoe-leather, an' "'I'm off, Judy, sez I. 'Ye should not talk nonsinse to your mother. Get her to bed, girl. "'Nonsinse! sez the ould woman, prickin' up her ears like a cat an' grippin' the table-edge.

Strange it was, also, to see how many little secrets these rows of candid shoe-leather disclosed. Here a pert, coquettish pair of ties were having as little in common as possible with the stout, somewhat clumsy walking-boots next them. In the two just beyond, at the next door, how the delicate, slender buttoned kids leaned over, floppingly, to rest on the coarse, yet strong, hobnailed clumpers!

A learned work has just come out Messias is the name 'twill bear; The man has travelled through the air, And on the sun-beplastered roads Has lost shoe-leather by whole loads, Has seen the heavens lie open wide, And hell has traversed with whole hide. The thought has just occurred to me That one so skilled as he must be May tell us how our flax and wheat arise. What say you?

And even if what you say is true, you are more to be blamed than pitied for holding your tongue so many years, and discrediting an honest family, as ours has always been considered. I am sure my wife would not have thought of such a thing for the finest gentleman that ever wore shoe-leather. However, I don't want to hurt your feelings; and I am sure I am ready to do whatever is right and proper.

"The old times were better than these too. The war upsets everything, and quite respectable people go barefoot because they cannot pay for shoe-leather.

There were eleven of them in all, and most of them were as black as shoe-leather, though there was a variety of colour, from jet-black to a bad tawny-yellow.