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Her companion drained his stemless glass with a sharp jerking back of the head. His was the short, stocky kind of assurance which seemed to say, "Greater securities hath no man than mine, which are gilt-edged." Obviously, Mr. Lew Kaminer clipped his coupons. "Not so bad," he said. "The song ain't dead; the crowd is." "Say, they can't hurt my feelin's.

All he said was, 'If Annie wants Dick Elrod, Annie shall have him. That's what he'd been sayin' ever since Annie was born. Nobody said anything to Annie, for she was the sort o' girl who didn't care whose feelin's was tramped on, if she jest had her own way.

They tried to console her by lettin' her see her teeth get put in a mustard box to go to the city to be mended, but the worst of it is 's two of the teeth can't be found in the square, 'n' Deacon White thinks he swallowed 'em when he laid there gaspin' so wide open. He says he never knowed such queer feelin's 's he had las' night. Mrs.

Allen, throwing her arms about Echo's neck, burst into tears, crying: "My little girl." "What's the use of opening up the sluices now, Josephine?" "Let her alone, Jim," drawled Slim; "her feelin's is harrowed some, an' irrigation is what they needs most." The outburst of tears was incomprehensible to the bridegroom.

"He's ez hard-headed, an' tyrannical, an' perverse, an' cantankerous a critter ez ever lived, with no feelin's, nor softness, nor perliteness in him but he's a square man. He'll do the fair thing every time," the coroner said in explanation. And so he braced himself for another term of official wrangling. Poor Theodosia!

Bean-pole stands up stiff, without no feelin's: don't look at 'er, nor bend over an' kiss 'er, nor nothin'. Mornin' glory don't git skeered, an' she peouts out a lot o' leaves an' tenderls an' begins to kile. Bean-pole takes a chaw o' terbakker an' looks off t'other eend o' the field t' see what the pertater crop 's goin' to be.

And Elburtus, not wantin' to hurt his feelin's, drinked about 3 quarts. It made him deathly sick, for it went aginst his stomach from the first: he never loved it. And Miss Bobbet duz fix it dretful sickish, sweetens it with sale mollasses for one thing. Oh, how sick that feller wus when he come in to supper! had to lay right down on the lounge.

A woman as 'll begin a quilt 'n' trade hen's eggs 'n' all but go aroun' town on her bended knees to get the old ties of other women's lawful husbands, jus' to give up in the end has got no advisin' stuff for me inside o' her. I wouldn't like to hurt your feelin's, Mrs. Lathrop, 'n' as long as you say it's a sofa-pillow o' course there's no harm done, but still it was a shock 'n' I can't deny it."

But her real feelin's would break out once in a while, and lift him up to the 3d heaven of happiness and then he'd have to totter and fall down ag'in. Abram Gee had a hard time on't. I pitied him from nearly the bottom of my heart. But I still kep' a thinkin' it would turn out well in the end.

So with feelin's of awe and wonder in their hearts, expectin' to see they knew not what, the awestruck, admirin' foreigner paused before the tomb of the Great Leader and he see nothin'. Not even a respectable grave-stun, such as you see in any New England graveyard.