"Well, I'd got a cobbler as 'ad licked seventeen an' Alfy Ant'ny 'e says: 'Adam an' Eve an' pinch-me, Went down to a river to bade. Adam an' Eve got drownded, Who do yer think got saved? An' so I says: 'Oh, Pinch-YOU, an' so I pinched 'im, an' 'e was mad, an' so he snatched my cobbler an' run off with it.

Ah, then, ye won't believe it, Joe, but I catched the baby at it this mornin', no later, an' she'd have got it to work, I do believe, av she hadn't tumbled right over into the bucket, an' all but drownded herself. But, you know, the station's not far off, if the house did git alight. Shure ye might run the hose from the ingin to here without so much as drawin' her out o' the shed.

She could see the water plain enough, but then she could also see Sweetest Susan and Buster John, and they seemed to be very comfortable. "I'm comin'," she yelled, "but ef you all make me git drownded in dry water I'll ha'nt you ef it's de las' thing I do!" Then she shut her eyes tight, put her fingers in her ears, and leaped into the spring.

"If 'twant that we're so near the sea, with a good wide sewage of river to carry off the water, we should all be drownded; thet's my view on't," said Rumway, a bar pilot, whose dripping hat-rim and general shiny appearance gave point to his remark. "You can't count on the sea to befriend you this time, Captain.

He replaced the saucer on the table, locked his fingers and thrust his thumbs together. "If had got little Quiller drownded," he began, "then the old women couldn't a said when he growed up, 'Eh, little Quiller didn't amount to much after all.

"'Couldn't you find 'omes for 'em? ses Mr. Bunnett. "Henery Walker shook his 'ead agin. ''Tain't no use thinking o' that, he ses. 'There's more cats than 'omes about 'ere'. Why, Bill Chambers drownded six o'ny last week right afore the eyes of my pore little boy. Upset 'im dreadful it did. "Mr. Bunnett walked up and down the room thinking.

In hell ragin', roastin' hell screechin', I lay, like a cat in a bonfire. 'Tis lies they'll tell 'e 'bout her. She weern't drownded never. The devil set sail 'pon auld Chirgwin's hayrick, so they sez, an' her sailed 'long wi' en. But 'theer rings, they was so high that they was dreadful, an' theer rings weer full o' eyes round about. She'm damned, my son called, not chosen.

'Aye, soom faddlin kind of a name they gie it I know those Manchester chaps, as cooms trespassin ower t' Scout wheer they aren't wanted. To hear ony yan o' them talk, yo'd think theer wor only three fellows like 'im cam ower i' three ships, an two were drownded. T'aint ov ony account what they an their books coe it.

So there's my pig a drownded, and my Tommy so dumb as a haddock can't go to school, can't do nought but ate his mate and sit in the corner for all the world like a moulting hen. Ah, they witches! I wish they was a-burned, I do." And she hid her face in her apron and sobbed.

"Saints alive! but can't ye set down!" she exclaimed. "I wants to talk wid ye, b'ys. Tell me this where bes t'e rest o' the poor folk from the wrack?" "She bes the only livin' soul we found, Granny," replied the skipper. "She was lashed in the foremast an' t'other spars was all over the side. We found a poor dead body in one o' the cabins drownded to death an' not so much as another corpse.