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"Sudbury Gray, I think with Scott Innis for an understudy perhaps the Draymore man as alternate I don't know; there's time." "Plenty," he said vaguely, staring into the fire where a log had collapsed into incandescent ashes. She continued to talk about Eileen until she noticed that his mind was on other matters his preoccupied stare enlightened her. She said nothing for a while.

"We lost no time, you see," added Orchil, caressing the long pomaded ends of his kinky moustache and trying to catch a glimpse of them out of his languid oriental eyes. He had been trying to catch this glimpse for thirty years; he was a persistent man with plenty of leisure. "We lost no time," repeated Draymore, "because it's a devilish unsavoury situation for us.

Selwyn looked up quickly, a shade of frank annoyance on his face and a vision of the fat sybarite before his eyes. He turned again to his fishing, but his shrug was more of a shudder than appeared to be complimentary to Percy Draymore. She had divined, somehow, that it annoyed Selwyn to know that men had importuned her.

"Captain Selwyn is perfectly right," observed Orchil coolly. "Do you think, Draymore, that it is very good taste in you to come into a man's place and begin slanging and cursing a member of his firm for crooked work?" "Besides," added Mottly, "it's not crooked; it's only contemptible.

Oh, dear, we're neither of us very high in the scale yet particularly you." "Well, I've advanced some since the good old days when a man went wooing with a club," he suggested. "You may have. But, anyway, you don't go wooing. As for man collectively, he has not progressed so very far," she added demurely. "As an example, that dreadful Draymore man actually hurt my wrist."

And Bradley Harmon ugh! and oh, that mushy widower, Percy Draymore, who got hold of my arm before I dreamed " She shuddered and turned back into the room, frowning and counting her slow steps across the floor. "After all," she said, "their silliness may be their greatest mystery but I don't include Captain Selwyn," she added loyally; "he is far too intelligent to be like other men."

I know nothing about it; I did not know that Mr. Neergard had acquired control of the property; I don't know what he means to do with it. And, gentlemen, may I ask why you feel at liberty to come to me instead of to Mr. Neergard?" "A desire to deal with one of our own kind, I suppose," returned Draymore bluntly.

I've breakfasted on a pill and a glass of vichy for ten years," protested Draymore, "and the others either have swallowed their cocktails, or won't do it until luncheon. I say, Selwyn, you must think this a devilishly unusual proceeding." "Pleasantly unusual, Draymore. Is this a delegation to tend me the nomination for the down-and-out club, perhaps?"

"Well er oh, hang it all!" blurted out Draymore, "we heard last night how that fellow how Neergard has been tampering with our farmers what underhand tricks he has been playing us; and I frankly admit to you that we're a worried lot of near-sports. That's what this dismal matinee signifies; and we've come to ask you what it all really means."

Draymore was incensed at the proposal, Harmon, Orchil, and Fane were disgustedly non-committal, but Phoenix Mottly was perhaps the angriest man on Long Island. "In the name of decency, Jack," he said, "what are you dreaming of? Is it not enough that this man, Neergard, holds us up once? Do I understand that he has the impudence to do it again with your connivance?