He added with a laugh: "I shouldn't think anybody would want my opinion after the way I've smashed my own affairs." Duane smiled, too. "I've heard," he said, "that yours was the decentest smash of the season. What is that scriptural business about about a man who lays down his fortune for a friend?"

"Speakin' wide flung an' onrestrained, Cherokee, as I mentions to you before, is the modestest, decentest longhorn as ever shakes his antlers in Arizona. He is slim an' light, an' a ondoubted kyard- sharp from his moccasins up. An' I never knows him to have a peso he don't gamble for.

Anything you say always." "You're the damnedest decentest woman in the world, Charity Coe; and if " He paused. It is just as well not to go iffing about such matters. Charity stopped short in her laughter. She and Jim stared at each other again across that abyss. It was terribly deep, but only a step over. They heard the door-bell faintly, and a sense of guilt confused them again.

Almost savages they are there! She may be sent to Siberia or something dreadful, and we may never see her again." "Oh! come Aunt Clara!" Tom Underdown protested, as he buttered his toast. "I think you are a little behind the times. There is a Russian at Oxford with me and he is the decentest chap in the world. You speak as though they almost lived on raw fish!"

You ought to know him, because then you might get to know my Auntie Helena. If they got married, like as not, I could take you up to their house. I thought everybody knew Mr. Davidson, and my Auntie Helena, too." Everybody did. Why should I not know Cal Davidson, one of the decentest chaps in the world? Why not, since we belonged to half a dozen of the same clubs in New York and other cities?

It's not because there will be compensation that I hold it the decentest thing to put up with the mechancetés of fate, fate's ingenious stabs in the tender, as they come, without giving the exhibition of one's vulnerability, or poisoning one's system with hate!" "But there will," she continued to insist, "there will be compensations.

And get me some spring cabbage and potatoes, and a pint of dry champagne the decentest you have. And be quick." "And what for you, sir?" said the waiter, turning to Marmaduke. "Never mind him," interrupted Susanna. "Go and attend to me." The waiter bowed and retired. "Old stick-in-the-mud!" muttered Miss Lalage. "Is it half-past four yet?" "No. It's only quarter past. There's lots of time."

"The way they've roped in between 'em that poor fool Davis who'd been preaching for the United Brethren, and now preaches Dylks! First he wouldn't hardly go into the same house, and then he wouldn't leave it till he could come with Dylks. I don't know how they do it! Sometimes I think the decentest man left in the place is that red-mouthed infidel, Matthew Braile!

Besides, a burglar is only a practical socialist. People talk a lot about the redistribution of wealth. The burglar goes out and does it. I have found burglars some of the decentest criminals I have ever met." "I despise burglars!" ejaculated Lady Julia, with a suddenness that stopped Jimmy's eloquence as if a tap had been turned off.

The only question is this: Is this play decent? My answer is that it is the decentest play that has been in New York for a year. It is so decent that it is religious. The play is, above all, a powerful plea for the tearing away of the veil of mystery that has so universally shrouded this subject of the penalty of sexual immorality.