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Durrance thought over that aspect of the question, and began to wonder. Calder might be right. Marriage with a blind man! It might, perhaps, be possible if upon both sides there was love, and the letter from Ethne proved did it not? that on both sides there was love. Besides, there were some trivial compensations which might help to make her sacrifice less burdensome.

"Why is a woman different?" she challenged. "What is her 'work, as you call it; and why shouldn't it, as well as a man's, lie in a small place? What is work outside of drudgery unless it is correspondence of one's abilities to one's task?" "But the compensations " began Orde vaguely. "Compensations?" she cried. "What do you mean?

You have only to look at Zeke to know that he is not, as we understand the word, an Indian. Was he an ancestor of the Aztecs or the Toltecs? Though you cannot go out to the Gila by motor to a luxurious hotel, there are compensations. You will see a type of life unique and picturesque as in the Old World countless flocks of sheep herded by soft-voiced peons.

"If you men don't stop talking and come right out, these flapjacks will be spoiled!" she cried. The men arose and obeyed her call. "There are compensations for everything," said Meeks, laughing, as he settled down heavily into his chair. He was a large man. "Flapjacks are compensations. Let us eat our compensations and be thankful. That's my way of saying grace.

However, the Doctor's brougham, like the Rector's phaeton, was a thing of the past. He trudged manfully on foot to his patients. There are few evils which do not offer some compensations.

A widespread custom required them to work for the lord one day a week throughout the year, with certain regular payments, and certain additional special services. Besides the possession of their land and rights of common pasture, however, there were some other compensations and alleviations of the burdens of the villains and cotters.

We had had compensations, our common soldiers were good stuff at any rate, but the fact was clear that we were fighting an army not only very much bigger than ours but better equipped, with bigger guns, better information, and it seemed superior strategy. We were being shoved back into this Ladysmith and encircled.

Luckily, if there is any justice in this world, fortune owes me many compensations. She owes me certainly a recompense for all I did for Anne of Austria, and an indemnification for all she has not done for me. Then, at the present, I am very well with a king, and with a king who has the appearance of determining to reign. May God keep him in that illustrious road!

Of course one will be hugely encouraged by the bleating of the practical crowd Aunt Jane and Co. 'Why waste your time writing silly novels? And if you try to explain that novels have a real function, they merely think you've got a swelled head." "Never mind, Roy. 'The quest is a noble one and the hope great. And we scribblers have our glorious compensations.

"Still it has compensations that one might not think of. A new world to explore, new experiences, new powers awakening; strange new perceptions; life in the fourth dimension. But why do you beg my pardon, Louis?" "I am an ex-solicitor, struck off in connexion with the falsifying of a trust account, Mr. Carrados," replied Carlyle, rising. "Sit down, Louis," said Carrados suavely.