Sustulit hic matrem: sustulit ille patrem. Sprung from Aeneas, pious, wise and great, Who says that Nero is degenerate? Safe through the flames, one bore his sire; the other, To save himself, took off his loving mother. Dum tendit citharam noster, dum cornua Parthus, Noster erit Paean, ille Ekataebeletaes.

These various cases of reversion are so closely related to those of rudimentary organs given in the first chapter, that many of them might have been indifferently introduced either there or here. Thus a human uterus furnished with cornua may be said to represent, in a rudimentary condition, the same organ in its normal state in certain mammals.

Satis==segetibus poetice. Ferax is constructed with abl., vid. Virg. Geor. 2, 222: ferax oleo. Impatiens. Not to be taken in the absolute sense, cf. Sec. 20, 23, 26, where fruit trees and fruits are spoken of. Improcera agrees with pecora understood. Armentis. Pecora flocks in general. It may include horses. Suus honor. Their proper, i.e. usual size and beauty. Gloria frontis. Poetice for cornua.

O'er golden sands let rich Pactolus flow. And trees weep amber on the banks of Po. When they tell us, however, that great rivers have horns, which twisted off become cornua copiæ, dispensing pleasure and plenty, they entertain us it must be confessed; and never was allegory more nearly allied with truth, than in the lines of Virgil;

Has Christ declared any antipathy to washerwomen, or the Holy Ghost to warm suds? Why does not the Barrister try his hand at the "abominable profanation," in a story of a certain woman with an issue of blood who was made free by touching the hem of a garment, without the previous knowledge of the wearer? 'Rode, caper, vitem: tamen hinc cum stabis ad aras, In tua quod fundi cornua possit, erit'.

But the future martyr behind him, Mr. Morgan Evans, gave himself up at once to abject despair, and as he bumped and rolled along, sought vainly for comfort in professional ejaculations in the Latin tongue. "Mater intemerata! Eripe me e Ugh! I am down! Adhaesit pavimento venter! No! I am not! El dilectum tuum e potestate canis Ah! Audisti me inter cornua unicornium!

On examination, the only substance found in the womb when the animal was young and full grown, was a cheese-like substance of a straw colour: I likewise found a similar substance in the pouch around the nipples, and in many instances where the nipples were much retracted, it completely covered them, but it was of a darker hue than that in the uterus, and of a saponaceous or greasy feel; the aperture of the pouch so much contracted as scarcely to admit two fingers; wombs with their cornua remarkably small, and nipples in the pouch scarcely pointing, and in many instances retracted.

The uterus or womb is a membranous sack situated in the sublumbar region and at the inlet to the pelvic cavity. It is held in position by numerous folds of the lining membrane of the abdominal cavity. We may divide the womb into three divisions, cornua, body and cervix. The cornua or horns are long and cylindrical in shape.

The oblique ascending and descending fibres from the posterior nerve-roots, joining the "longitudinal columns of the cornua," account for the results of Brown-Sequard's sections of the posterior columns.

The lowest of the mammalia the Monotremata in common with birds, have oviducts which towards their lower extremities are dilated into cavities severally performing in an imperfect way the function of a uterus. This part increases at the expense of the lateral 'cornua' in the higher Herbivora and Carnivora; but even in the lower Quadrumana, the uterus is somewhat cleft at its summit."