"If it be true that the mind like the body has a predetermined course of evolution if it unfolds spontaneously if its successive desires for this or that kind of information arise when these are severally required for its nutrition if there thus exists in itself a prompter to the right species of activity at the right time; why interfere in any way?

If he has anything to say against us or against that gentleman, either conjunctly or severally, let him out with it in some other channel, and I promise him a touch and taste of the Crutch.

As it was, a hunt of interviewers ensued for us severally and jointly. I could remain aloof in my hotel apartment, returning answer to such guardians of the public right to know everything that I had nothing to say of Gorky's domestic affairs; for the public interest had now strayed far from the revolution, and centred entirely upon these.

Here is the explanation of the assertion made just now namely, that we might almost reconstruct our history, so far as it turns upon the Norman Conquest, by an analysis of our present language, a mustering of its words in groups, and a close observation of the nature and character of those which the two races have severally contributed to it.

I join Napoleon with him, as being both representatives of the impatience and reaction of nature against the morgue of conventions, two stern realists, who, with their scholars, have severally set the axe at the root of the tree of cant and seeming, for this time and for all time." This must serve as an ex pede guide to reconstruct the Essay which finishes the volume.

A treaty of alliance was signed between the confederates: they engaged to resist whether he attacked them severally or all together. Caesar learned the existence of this league by its first effects: the Duke of Urbino, who was adored by his subjects, had come with a handful of soldiers to the fortress of San Leone, and it had yielded at once.

It is a mere democratic body, unconnected with the crown or the kingdom, armed and trained and officered at the pleasure of the districts to which the corps severally belong; and the personal service of the individuals who compose, or the fine in lieu of personal service, are directed by the same authority. Nothing is more uniform.

For some time the Lord James made no reply, but stood ruminating, with the forefinger of his left hand pressing his nether lip; then he observed, "Your request is very needful;" and taking the paper, he mentioned divers things of each of the persons named in it, which he told my grandfather had passed between him and them severally, when none other was present.

March remained with an unrequited curiosity concerning their different colors and different caps, and she tried to make her husband find out what they severally meant; he pretended a superior interest in the nature of a people who had such a passion for uniforms that they were not content with its gratification in their immense army, but indulged it in every pleasure and employment of civil life.

Henry did so, and then they simultaneously opened the epistles which were severally addressed to them. There was a silence, as of the very grave, for some moments, and then the old admiral staggered to a seat, as he exclaimed, "Am I dreaming am I dreaming?" "Is this possible?" said Henry, in a voice of deep emotion, as he allowed the note addressed to him to drop on to the floor.