"A good name," said my father, and seemed to muse upon it for a moment while he eyed her paternally. "A very good name, O Princess, and beloved of old by Diana "'Aeternum telorum et virginitatis amorem Intemerata "But I come at your bidding and must first of all apologize for some little delay; the cause being that your messenger found me busy patching up a bullet-hole in one of your men."

True, I use, instead thereof, the Dirupisti or the Intemerata or the De Profundis, the which, according to that which a grandmother of mine used to tell me, are of singular virtue.

True, however, it is that in its stead I am accustomed to say the 'Dirupisti, or the 'Intemerata, or the 'De profundis, which, if what my grandmother used to say is to be believed, are of the greatest efficacy."

But the future martyr behind him, Mr. Morgan Evans, gave himself up at once to abject despair, and as he bumped and rolled along, sought vainly for comfort in professional ejaculations in the Latin tongue. "Mater intemerata! Eripe me e Ugh! I am down! Adhaesit pavimento venter! No! I am not! El dilectum tuum e potestate canis Ah! Audisti me inter cornua unicornium!

It is a phantom, that hath these last few nights given me the greatest fright that ever was, insomuch that, whenas I hear it, I put my head under the clothes and dare not bring it out again until it is broad day. Quoth Gianni, 'Go to, wife; have no fear, if it be so; for I said the Te Lucis and the Intemerata and such and such other pious orisons, before we lay down, and crossed the bed from side to side, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, so that we have no need to fear, for that, what power soever it have, it cannot avail to harm us.

"'Si, benedetta tu, O Maria, Madre di Gesu, Regina Coeli intemerata, Atque hominum Advocata! "O what perils by land and sea," he continued, "what racking of entrails! What contumely, what anguish of hunger and thirst, have I not undergone for this for this for this! Now I can say, Domine, nunc dimittis, with a full heart.