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He leaped no more, but walked broodingly and sought the dark places. And yet it could not be said that times were dull for him: the luckless picket who finds himself in an open eighty-acre field, under the eye of a sharpshooter up a tree, would not be apt to describe the experience as dull.

"They came to me as to other men," said Donatello broodingly. "Doubtless I was born to them." "No, no; they came with me," replied Miriam. "Mine is the responsibility! Alas! wherefore was I born? Why did we ever meet? Why did I not drive you from me, knowing for my heart foreboded it that the cloud in which I walked would likewise envelop you!"

His features, always sharp, had grown yet more angular: his brows seemed to project more broodingly over his eyes, which, though of undiminished brightness, were sunk deep in their sockets, and had lost much of their quick restlessness. The character of his mind had begun to stamp itself on the physiognomy, especially on the mouth when in repose.

These Vigilantes are business men; they've a business-like organization. Citizens are still enlisting ... seven thousand now, I understand." "Damn them!" said the lawyer, broodingly, "what d'ye think they'll be up to next?" "Don't damn them too much." Broderick's smile held a grim sort of humor. "They're going to break up a political organization it's taken me years to perfect.

The girl looked searchingly into her eyes. "You do not like him, Aunt Nancy. I have felt it from the beginning. Is it because you are David's mother?" Mrs. Strong started. The direct question had struck home. She was confused. "Why, Alix, I what a silly thing to ask. What has David to do with it?" Alix was still looking at her, broodingly. "Why don't you like him, Aunt Nancy?"

Instantly the tiny pulse had picked up its throbbing in her throat. Yet she let the contact endure. Defiant, she rode all the way home that way. But the inevitable reaction came. Revulsion might be the more accurate word applied to Cecille. That night she had stripped off one stocking in preparation for bed; she had sat longer than she could have told, broodingly studying her bare knee.

The great "husband train," the last and longest of the day, was due in about ten minutes. Groups of women and children in gala dress were emerging from the various boarding-houses, feeding the main human stream. Some boarders were out to meet the train, others were on their way to the post-office for letters. A sunset of pale gold hung broodingly over the mountains.

The resoluteness of the firm though mobile mouth betokens a strength of moral purpose, which does not belong to the caste of the mere court gentleman; about those delicately-cut nostrils there dwells a possibility of quivering indignation, and in the eyes that are looking broodingly down on the congregation true pathos and keen humour are strangely blended.

And he wore a strange Eastern garment, a hooded white robe, short-sleeved and buttonless, made of coarse woollen cloth. He had thrown the hood back, and it sat upon his shoulders like a huge rolling collar. Yes, he was changed; there was mystery upon him, which sat broodingly on his brows.

"It's all very well to say that in public life money isn't as necessary as it used to be," her ladyship went on broodingly. "Those who say so don't know anything about it. It's always intensely necessary." Her daughter, visibly affected by the gloom of her manner, felt impelled to evoke as a corrective a more cheerful idea.