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I have seen too many careless autopsies made and read too many loosely written reports to have abiding faith in such things." McCall nodded emphatically. "Professor Brierly is right there, of course. I have seen, in my official capacity, the things he mentions." "So have I," chimed in Higginbotham, Fletcher and McGuire. "Very well, then," said Professor Brierly.

"One of our tenants has died, the old fellow who took care of the woods, and the curate refused to bury him as a pauper, saying that his master is a rich man." "What did he die of?" "Of old age." "Get out! To die of old age! It must at least have been some disease." Basilio in his zeal for making autopsies wanted diseases. "Haven't you anything new to tell me?

Lee to express his deliberate conviction that the loss of life occasioned by these institutions completely defeats the objects of their founders; and out of this train of cumulative evidence, the multiplied groups of cases clustering about individuals, the deadly results of autopsies, the inoculation by fluids from the living patient, the murderous poison of hospitals does there not result a conclusion that laughs all sophistry to scorn, and renders all argument an insult?

The archaic attempts to utilize the Morgue for scientific investigation were the occasion for practices that shocked even the initiated. For the lack of suitable depositories for the products of autopsies, these objects were plainly visible in rude profusion when a door was opened to draw out a body for inspection.

"I want to thank you, First Off no, not First Officer, but I could hardly " "Sure you can. I'm 'Babe' to us all, and you're 'Bun'. As to the other, forget it. You and I, Herc, will go over and " "And I," Adams put in, definitely. "I must photograph everything, before it is touched; therefore I must be the first on board. I must do some autopsies and also " "Of course. You're right," Deston said.

Sometimes the disease is more violent, and toward the end there are epileptic convulsions and muscular tremors. Autopsies have revealed no pathologic changes. Recently Forbes contributes an interesting paper on the sleeping sickness of Africa. The disease may occur in either sex and at any age, though it is most frequent from the twelfth to the twentieth years, and in the male sex.

At the autopsies the rent was found to be in both instances in the posterior wall of the bladder a short distance from the fundus; the peritoneum was not inflamed, and there was absolutely no inflammatory reaction in the vesical wound.

Now add to all this the undisputed fact that within the walls of lying-in hospitals there is often generated a miasm, palpable as the chlorine used to destroy it, tenacious so as in some cases almost to defy extirpation, deadly in some institutions as the plague; which has killed women in a private hospital of London so fast that they were buried two in one coffin to conceal its horrors; which enabled Tonnelle to record two hundred and twenty- two autopsies at the Maternite of Paris; which has led Dr.

"No, sir, we never do when the cause of death is apparent," the detective bowed to Coroner Penfield. "Isn't that so, Coroner?" Penfield nodded. "Unless the condition of the body indicates foul play or the relatives specially request it, we do not perform autopsies," he answered. "What has happened here?" and he gazed about with quickened interest. "Mr.

"You see," he went on, excitedly, "that is why the autopsies probably showed nothing. These doctors down here sought for a poison in the stomach. But if the poison had been in the stomach the odor alone would have betrayed it. You smelt it when you crushed a seed. But the poisoning had been devised to avoid just that chance of discovery. There was no poison in the stomach.