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Every show-window where I halted was jammed to the gunwales with thick, fuzzy, woolen articles and inflammatory plaid waistcoats, and articles in crash for tropical wear even through the glass you could note each individual crash with distinctness. The London shopkeeper adheres steadfastly to this arrangement. Into his window he puts everything he has in his shop except the customer.

The presence of inflammatory reaction or pus shows that the wound must have been inflicted some time before death, probably two or three days. Self-inflicted wounds are made by the person himself in order to divert suspicion, or in order to bring accusation against another. Such wounds are always in front, not over vital organs, and superficial in character.

I had not the opportunity to try if this urine would coagulate over the fire, when part of it was evaporated, which I imagine would be the criterion of this kind of diabetes; as the mucilaginous fluid deposited in the cells and cysts of the body, which have no communication with the external air, seems to acquire, by stagnation, this property of coagulation by heat, which the secreted mucus of the intestines and bladder do not appear to possess; as I have found by experiment: and if any one should suppose this coagulable urine was separated from the blood by the kidneys, he may recollect, that in the most inflammatory diseases, in which the blood is most replete or most ready to part with the coagulable lymph, none of this appears in the urine.

These processes are accompanied by changes in the endothelium of the vessel walls, which result in an increased formation of lymph, which transudes into the meshes of the connective tissue giving rise to an inflammatory œdema, or, if the inflammation is on a free surface, forming an inflammatory exudate.

'Treatment'. When the disease appears in its acute form, and without any apparent cause beyond luxurious living and confinement, bleeding, purging, low diet, and regular exercise, together with tepid and soothing washes, will generally relieve the inflammatory action of the parts.

In acute inflammatory affections abnormal heat may be detected in the region of the heel. By exerting tension on the flexor tendon, by means of passive dorsal flexion of the member, evidence of hyperesthesia may be detected. With the hoof testers one may determine supersensitivenss in most instances.

It seemed that reports had been received at general headquarters that the rioters, driven out of Coblenz, were gathering in smaller towns throughout the occupied area, and making demonstrations and inflammatory speeches against the American "invaders."

At every town they came to they stopped, made inflammatory speeches, gathered funds and adherents, and then, a swelled body of discontent, marched stolidly on toward the capital; and this not from one point alone but from half-a-dozen at once.

When the music strikes up a waltz the young man opens his arms and doubles himself up like a boy with the cholera infantum, his hind leg cramps and his head lops over on one side, and he looks sick, his back humps up like a case of chronic inflammatory rheumatism, and he is ready. The girl who is with him, when he begins to have spasms, at once seems to go into a trance.

When, during these weeks, Wolf had been an auditor of Weise's covertly inflammatory speeches, he had longed each time to step forward and speak out too. He knew that his own words would have flowed far more convincingly and more passionately than Weise's. But he knew also that in such case he would only have the greater difficulty in restraining himself afterwards; so he kept silence.

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