She believed in predestination, which is to say that she was a fatalist; and while she steadfastly continued to regard this world as a place of sorrow and trials, she concerned herself very little about her participation in a future life. Old Dr. Ewing, the rector of St.

Seaman gazed steadfastly for a moment along the side of the wood. "Her Grace is coming," he said. "She seems to share the Duke's dislike of me, and she is too great a lady to conceal her feelings. Just one word before I go. The Princess Eiderstrom arrives this afternoon." Dominey frowned, then, warned by the keeper's shout, turned around and killed a hare.

Learning that she was of noble birth among the barbarians, he steadfastly wooed her by means of messengers. She spurned his mission in her heart, but feigned compliance.

'Let us not talk of her in her sleep, but as she used to be when you were Journeying together, far away as she was at home, in the old house from which you fled together as she was, in the old cheerful time, said the schoolmaster. 'She was always cheerful very cheerful, cried the old man, looking steadfastly at him.

And suddenly quite close to him were the black uniforms of the revolutionary guard, and for the first and last time in his life he saw Graham, saw him quite nearly. A tall, dark man in a flowing black robe he was, with a white, resolute face and eyes fixed steadfastly before him; a man who for all the little things about him had neither ears nor eyes nor thoughts....

At my remarks he laughed, and replied that he would take care of the opposition, if I would only marry him. He urged and pleaded with me to promise him, but I steadfastly refused. He is very fascinating though, and I think a dangerous man to come in the way of a poor, irresolute, unhappy girl like myself." "Did he say much about the difference in religion, Leah?"

Casting a glance that way, Noble could see but one person; a boy of fourteen who looked through a crack in a board fence, steadfastly keeping an eye to this aperture and as continuously calling through it, holding his head to a level for this purpose, but at the same time dancing and dancing tauntingly, it was conveyed with the other parts of his body.

But Theseus went on sadly and steadfastly, for his heart yearned after his father; and he said, "How shall I deliver him from these leeches who suck his blood?" So he went up the holy stairs, and into the Acropolis, where AEgeus' palace stood; and he went straight into AEgeus' hall, and stood upon the threshold, and looked round.

Again she tried to meet her son's eyes, but they were steadfastly fixed upon the hand of the king who had signed the contract, and was in the act of placing it before his daughter. Mademoiselle de Blois scribbled her name under that of her father, and passed the pen over to the bridegroom. The decisive moment was at hand.

"I don't ask anything of God except that she shall have a chance, and it seems to me that he is making the world better less harsh for women." He did not reply. And presently she looked up at him again, steadfastly now, searchingly. The barriers of the conventions were down, she had cast her pride to the winds. He seemed to read in her a certain relief. "I am going to tell you something, Mr.