Both the travelers were taken up into Mrs. Blyth's room to say Farewell. It was a sad parting. Zack's spirits had not been so good as usual, since the day of his visit to the Agent's and the other persons assembled were all more or less affected in an unusual degree by the approaching separation.

Never, in all Zack's experience, had any former matches caught flame with such a shrill report, as was produced from the one disastrous match which he happened to select to light his candle with. The next thing to be done was to bolt the door.

If you warn't so far from the "Corner," we could fix our sugar together, an' make but one bilin' of it, for you'll want a team, an' you don't know nothin' about maples. Zack's eyes were askance upon Robert. 'We might 'most as well go shares you give the sap, an' I the labour, he added. 'I'll jest bring up the potash kettle on the sled a Monday, an' we'll spill the trees.

His friend did not interrupt him by a word, except at the moment when he sat down; and then Mat said, simply and carelessly enough, that he thought he should detect the original Mrs. Peckover directly by Zack's imitation, if ever he met with her in the streets. To which Young Thorpe merely replied that he was not very likely to do anything of the sort; because Mrs.

If these rules were not strictly complied with for many days to come, the doctor declared that the attack of palpitation of the heart, from which Mr. Thorpe had suffered on the night of Zack's return, might occur again, and might be strengthened into a confirmed malady. As it was, if proper care was taken, nothing of an alarming nature need be apprehended.

Why had this extraordinary resemblance never struck him before? Perhaps because he had never examined Arthur Carr's hair with attention until he had possessed himself of Mary's bracelet, and had gone away to the country. Perhaps also because he had never yet taken notice enough of Zack's hair to care to look close at it. And now the resemblance was traced, to what conclusion did it point?

Our cabins set jest lak yoh two han's togerr dat a-way an' dar warn't no secrets 'tween dem famblys, dat's a fac'! Well, when 'twuz all over, mah mammy's so thankful she say she gwine name me outen de Scriptires. Zack's mammy heah dat, an' she lay low an' study 'bout a name, too.

"Remember that the whole round of presents is open for you to choose from, except one; and that one is a Hair Bracelet." Zack's laughter came to an abrupt termination. Mat had raised his head suddenly, and was now staring him full in the face again, with a bright, searching look an expression in which suspicious amazement and doubting curiosity were very strangely mingled together.

The school board appealed to the sheriff, who offered to arrest old Zack if the board would provide him with a warrant. It seemed simple enough, at first, to draw a warrant for old Zack's arrest, but legal difficulties arose.

"She's gone down considerable the last four-five days. Out of the banks last week an' runnin' all over creation." "Still pretty high," remarked the other. "Came near to sweeping Zack's mare downstream but well, she made it and Zack has turned black again." The settler raised his lantern again at the stable door and looked dubiously at the negro. "You're from Kentucky, Mr.