That which is now driven at, is not that all wicked and unclean persons should be utterly excluded from our ecclesiastical societies, and so from all hearing of God’s word; yea there is nothing less intended: for the word of God is the instrument as well of conversion as of confirmation, and therefore is to be preached as well to the unconverted as to the converted, as well to the repenting as the unrepenting: the temple indeed of Jerusalem had special promises, as it were pointing out with the finger a communion with God through Christ, 1 Kings viii. 30, 48; Dan. vi. 10; 2 Chron. vi. 16; vii. 15, 16.

Oh, my friends! you who are too busy for forty short days to make your immortal souls your first business, take care take care, lest the day shall come when sickness, and pain, and the terror of death, shall keep you too busy to prepare those unrepenting, unforgiven, sin-besotted souls of yours for the kingdom of God. JOHN, i. 1.

Take all of me, for I am yours! aye, so truly yours that you can never escape me! never separate from me no! not through a thousand thousand centuries! Life of my life! Soul of my soul! Possess me, as I possess you! for our two unrepenting spirits form a dual flame in Hell which must burn on and on to all eternity! Leap to my arms, master and lord, king and conqueror!

Sara knew him better than he knew himself. Her sympathy ran into a hundred sinuosities she understood his silence as well as his conversation. He was never conscious of the smallest strain, the least dissimulation, in her society. Beneath their curious disparities an identity seemed to unite them. There was an unrepenting quality in her conscience which braced and stimulated his moral courage.

But for all that, not one drop of his blood flows in your veins!" "Miriam!" "Not one drop! If there did, you should not now be standing by my death bed. I would expire unrepenting and unconfessed. Mollie, you are mine my very own my daughter!" She raised herself on her elbow and caught Mollie in her arms with a sudden, fierce strength. The girl stood perfectly speechless with the shock.

Our task, however, is not accomplished. It is true, we have accompanied him with pain and pity to penury, rags, and beggary unreformed, unrepenting, hardened, shameless, desperate. Do our readers now suppose that there is anything in the man, or any principle external to him, capable of regenerating and elevating a heart so utterly lost as his? But hush! what is this?

O cruel one who has deigned to put his sweet poison in my heart to-day, while to-morrow you will pass me with indifference. Cold, proud as ever, serious and disdainful you understand? However that may be, I send you the unrepenting cry of my rebellious heart: I love you! "How sadly I remember your sweet words whispered on a pathetic evening when everything around was fair and rosy.

They choose the worse part, and refused the better; and they were filled with the fruit of their own devices, as every unrepenting sinner surely will be. But did the Jews of Judea and their king escape, who had thus brought the king of Assyria down to murder their own countrymen, and lay that fair land waste? Not they.

Over the peace, the happiness, the honour, the virtue of a whole family, through fraud and through blood, this priest had marched onward to the goal of his icy and heartless ambition, unrelenting and unrepenting; "but not," I said, as I clenched my hand till the nails met in the flesh, "not forever unchecked and unrequited!" But in what manner was justice to be obtained? A public court of law?

And then my thoughts wandered away into the vagueness and mystery of eternity, I was rushing uncalled for into the presence of a just and pure God, with a spirit unrepenting, unannealed! And I tried to pray and could not; for a heaviness, a dull strange torpor crept over me. Consciousness went out slowly.